What makes a woman wife material

There are some women who are dating material and others who are wifey material. Pay attention to the qualities to see if this woman is right for you.

Some women are dating, and some are dating online. What’s the difference? There are certain qualities of a wife material that make a woman special. She challenges you, makes you feel good, and makes you want to be better. Let’s take a closer look.

What is wife material?

Material for a wife is behavioral habits that make a woman a win-win option for a man to choose you.

When a man makes a woman his wife, he’s taking a risk. A risk with his time, energy, and finances. If he doesn’t have anyone around whom he is in love with, then when he gets old enough or feels enough pressure from those around him, then he will pick the woman who seems the most ‘wifeable’.

What makes a woman marriage material


What men look for in a wife? Though guys love to treat the girls they love, they don’t want to feel like a babysitter. They don’t want to have a fully-grown child they have to take care of, nor do most men really want to have a baby as a wife.

Being able to handle your own is attractive to men, and finding women who have their shit together is hard to do. Needless to say, most men count maturity as one of the leading traits to qualify a girl as “wife material but not girlfriend material.”


I’ll be blunt: most men are not g2ood at handling their emotions. They tend to bottle things up till they pop, they may not even figure out why they feel the way they feel, and at times, they just really can’t communicate if their lives depended on it.

In many relationships, women are the ones who have to have emotional intelligence. If you can’t talk things out, maintain healthy boundaries, and also handle your emotions, guys will not want to marry you.


For most men, family matters more than you’d think. Though this isn’t true in all cases, most men will not consider a woman to be wife material traits if their families disapprove of her. This is especially true if the guy in question is a notorious Mama’s Boy.

This was the most common issue that I had dealt with when it came to guys. Despite my good intentions, most of the families of guys I dated didn’t approve of them dating a punk rock-looking weirdo.

How to become wife material?


This concept can actually be quite touchy and complicated, but it is, in truth, a key step to being considered a marriage material woman by most men.  If you cannot sufficiently demonstrate loyalty to the man of your desire, then you will not be a marriage material girl to him, regardless of how to be wife material. (And even if you do try as hard as possible to show him your loyalty, he simply may not want your loyalty, in which case you should simply move on.) Generally speaking, it is the man’s responsibility to earn your loyalty by virtue of his positive and powerfully attractive qualities, and it is your responsibility as a woman to sufficiently demonstrate to him that you are indeed loyal to him and him alone.  If you cannot do this – which is to say that if you cannot sufficiently show him to his satisfaction that you are loyal to him, then he will not take you seriously.  

He might have sex with you, hang out with you, laugh and joke with you, and otherwise enjoy your company… but in the back of his mind, he will remind himself to never truly take you seriously and to keep looking for the next, better woman.  Show loyalty to him, and this will drastically increase your odds of being considered marriage material to him.

Communication work

Communication skills go hand in hand with emotional intelligence, and honestly, communication is key to a healthy relationship. Most problems can be overcome if you talk it out—but if you can’t do that, you’re done for.

Whether it’s the ability to have a good conversation, the skill of being able to argue without fighting, or just a knack for being tactfully assertive, communication matters. It matters a lot, and even the most obtuse man knows this.

Though this really isn’t a good policy, many guys will tolerate women who are terrible communicators as girlfriends but will refuse to marry them.

Ability to improve him

A man needs a helper: he knows he needs help even though he may not admit it. He wants someone who will correct him with tender love, better him, inspire him, encourage him, be his pillar pushing him to growth. He looks at the woman and asks. Besides being sexy and beautiful, what value can she add to my life?

Emotional stability

Everyone has emotions, even men: the question is, do you have control over your emotions? A man wants a wife who will be true to her emotions but not allowing her emotions to influence her decisions. Is her temper out of control, is she an alcoholic, does she have low self-esteem, is she insecure in an unhealthy way? He does want an emotional wreck who is irrational, doing and saying things out of impulsive and misplaced emotions. He wants a solid and consistent woman, anchored in certainty, a queen in charge of herself.


Honesty is the foundation of a trusting relationship. Long-term marriages are based on honesty and open communication, where there is no room for deception or lies. Your husband deserves honesty and truthfulness from you, just as you deserve from him.

Honesty doesn’t mean you have to say everything. In fact, there is a truth that need not be told because everything they do is harm. Maybe you don’t like his favorite shirt, but you shouldn’t say it. You don’t like his lotion, so buy another just by saying you like it better. Practicing the little things will help you learn how to do it, this practice will help you learn to say important things, such as those related to sex.

Being truthful isn’t always easy. Sometimes your honesty can upset your husband and even lead to quarrels. But dishonesty can spoil the relationship so much that partners will find it difficult to trust each other again. One lie or betrayal – and your husband may always have constant doubts about your veracity.


What men look for in a potential wife? Not every day of marriage is exciting. Somewhere along the way, boredom enters. You get into a routine and do the same thing day in and day out. Ignoring boredom can lead to unhappiness. So what are you doing?

Have fun, and don’t let boredom creep into your relationship. Go on dates, picnics, trips, and excursions. Or plan movie nights, cook dinner together, watch a TV show, act stupid together, go to yoga or dance classes together, learn a language together, and do something to help the two of you get out of your comfort zone.


“When your partner inspires you to be the best version of yourself, it’s a key factor in realizing that he is the material for marriage,” says Rory Sassoon, a dating expert. “Being in a committed relationship with someone who pushes and propels you towards your aspirations and goals builds their confidence that they want the best for you,” she explains. You may not be consciously thinking, “I want to be better,” but if you find that your partner encourages you to do things that enrich your career, family life, or health, this is most likely marriage material. And your engagement will push you to change even more for the better.


What makes a girl wife material? Things are changing; It’s unavoidable. Yet “so many couples marry with the expectation that if everything goes well in their relationship, they will stay that way,” says Brown. Unfortunately, this is far from reality. “Relationships are not static. They change over time, and this is an excellent sign if your potential partner and both of you understand this, ”he says. It’s even better if you’ve already experienced some ups and downs and seen it in action. “This realization means that your partner is mature enough to adapt to new situations and challenges that will affect even the best marriages over time,” he adds.


And here it is, ladies. Please, it is recommended that you incorporate all of these qualities of a good wife material meaning in order to be versatile and improve your marital value for men. You have to believe that you can do this to transform into this higher version of yourself. There is nothing wrong with constantly striving to improve yourself as a woman.


What do men need?

This may sound like a contradiction with truth number 3, but it’s true. Men want to take care of the people they love and want to be appreciated for it. This strengthens their masculinity and makes them feel good. So why not encourage your loved one to feel good by letting him do things for you. It won’t hurt. Give your man a project from time to time; let him open the pickle jar, even if you are quite capable of doing it yourself.

What do men value?

The last thing they want to do is take on the responsibility of the mind reader because they are far from it. In fact, even when things seem obvious, they usually need a clear and concise breakdown. The minds of men and women are different. As a woman, you must understand this. If you want to make your life easier, make it easier for your man to understand what you want and need by telling him about it. Give him the direction he needs to make you happy. Remember that being happy is a shared goal.

What should you be?

It can take many perspectives, but it is important to maintain physical intimacy in a relationship. Don’t get lost in complacency. It’s straightforward to get used to your relationships and routine. Swap places in bed, sometimes take the first step to have sex, do something different together, be open about your wants and needs in the bedroom. Don’t always sit back and sweat. Wear cute/sexy sleepwear or comfortable clothing such as leggings. Men love leggings. Prepare dinner in your underwear from time to time. Get creative to keep that sexy spark alive.

What kind of manners do you like?

Be kind of people and treat your servers and those around you. They prefer kind-hearted women who are harsh when they need to but with kind interiors. Repulsive when women express dissatisfaction and discontent. Kindness and respect will bribe a man.

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