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Updated on Aug 2023

If you’re serious about finding a Swedish bride, your best bet is to go online. Many websites specialize in connecting men with Swedish mail order brides. These websites offer a wide variety of services, including profile creation, messaging, and even translation services if needed. My name is Trisha Harp, and in this article, I will tell you about all the peculiarities of Swedish mail order wives.

Swedish Wives Statistics

🌐 Top Swedish Mail Order Bride Service TheLuckyDate
💸Swedish brides cost $2,600 – $8,800
👰🏽Average age of Swedish Wives 26
⚖️ Legitimacy of mail-order marriages in USA Yes
📄Visa Type K-1 Fiancé Visa
❤️Success Rate 68%
💔Divorce rate 32%

Top Swedish Mail Order Brides Sites To Find a Wife


Swedish Brides Features


Many experts point out conservatism as the main advantage of hot Swedish brides. It’s not that conservatism is fundamentally good in itself, but conservatism is suddenly an advantage in the context of the modern world. You probably understand that this word does not always have a positive connotation. Conservative radicals have stalled progress throughout the history of human development. In this case, we are talking about another conservatism, and this conservatism is an unspoken protest against the destructive currents of modern society.

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Swedish mail order brides’s conservatism is an unspoken protest. Local ladies were raised in an atmosphere of love and care; they were taught to respect their elders and love their relatives. For the average Swedish bride, nothing is more important than family. We are talking about both parents and relatives, as well as a new, acquired family. Swedish women for marriage prioritize taking care of family and parents, and this distinguishes them favorably from American women. Many Swedish mail order rides have a variety of hobbies and are often successful in their careers, but they never allow themselves to put work above everything else.

In addition, girls in Sweden strongly adhere to the concept that a man should be a protector and earner. A Swedish mail order bride rejects modern trends of independence and equality. Local girls believe that family life should take place in an atmosphere of mutual respect, but they unconditionally recognize the primacy of the husband. For them, a man is still a breadwinner, protector, and support. In the company of a Swedish bride, you can feel like a gentleman.

swedish woman for marriage


Conservatism is essential, but conservatism in itself is useless without beauty. If you have already started finding a Swedish wife, you have probably heard a lot about the external attractiveness of a Swedish mail order bride. The bards wrote legends about the beauty of Swedish girls for marriage many centuries ago, at a time when the ships of the first Vikings were sailing to the shores of foggy Albion. Since then, little has changed – Scandinavians are still considered one of the most objectively beautiful women among European brides.

Swedish single woman is an example of restraint, and external and internal beauty. You’ve probably heard the stereotypical description of Scandinavian ladies. They are traditionally considered tall, stately, and curvy. Local girls are also credited with luxurious long hair, most often golden or white. Also, poets call the eyes of Scandinavian beauties ice fragments or bottomless blue ice lakes.

The beauty of Swedish brides is reminiscent of an ice sculpture in its grace and sophistication. Local women are true ice queens from Anderson’s tales, and there is sure to be a perfect Gerda for every Kai. The beauty of local women is sublime, graceful, and sophisticated. However, despite the external inaccessibility, detachment, and coldness, women from Sweden, are very hot inside and passionate in bed. If outwardly they resemble an ice sculpture, then inside, they look like a raging fire of the hearth, which warms the husband on cold and long winter evenings.


Intelligence is certainly one of the main characteristics of a wife from Sweden. Sweden is characterized by an extremely high level of education, in connection with which each individual wife is erudite in the main disciplines. In addition, Swedish mail order brides are curious, love to read, and continue to expand their knowledge on their own after completing their studies. From birth, Scandinavian brides have a lively and inquisitive mind, which allows them to perfectly understand the irony in humor and makes them excellent companions.

Nevertheless, when it comes to really serious decisions, then your wife from Sweden will express her point of view urgently and demanding. She will argue, defend her beliefs and not give up on the last. However, it should be borne in mind that a Swedish wife always unconditionally recognizes her husband’s leadership. Such a wife will confront you only if she is absolutely sure that she is right. Swedish wives position themselves as hearth keepers and counselors. The wise leader will invariably listen to the opinion of the adviser. However, of course, each man makes the final decision on his own.

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Amazing Mothers

If we talk about foreign wives, then many experts consider women from Sweden to be almost the best mothers in the whole world. In some aspects of parenting, mothers from Eastern Europe may compete with them, but it is Swedish women who combine the love for a child with an understanding of the concept of parenting. Despite the fact that a Swedish mail order bride can love only you more than your joint children, brides from Sweden always look at things extremely sensibly.

They do not allow the child too much, do not pamper him, and, at the same time, do not oppress him. As is often the case, the truth in the issue of upbringing is also hidden somewhere in the middle, and Swedish ladies for marriage are perfectly able to feel this very middle. If you want to meet your love and are looking for women looking for love instead of women looking for American men, then welcome to Sweden.

Places To Find Wives From Sweden

Even in our time of progressive globalization, it is not so easy to get to know a Swedish bride. Many Americans do not have the opportunity to go to Sweden and triple a rave-pub raid on Saturday, which will almost certainly lead to meeting a couple of local beauties. Many do not have the opportunity, some – the desire to blindly look for Swedish girls in clubs. This method is outdated and is more suitable for a spontaneous search for a girlfriend for the evening than for those looking for a life partner to hope of a happy marriage and long-term relationship.

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International Dating Sites to Find a Swedish Bride

The second place that immediately seems like a good place to find Swedish ladies for marriage is always dating websites and platforms. The people who advise you this way are partly right. A large universal dating website such as Jolly Romance service is great for finding women from almost any country in the world.

Some tropical regions such as Indonesia or Malaysia are an exception, as local women, due to their low level of education and information blockade, often do not fully realize the benefits of the Internet. Unfortunately, experts single out Scandinavian brides as the second exception. Girls from Scandinavian countries are quite rare at international dating services, but the reasons for this phenomenon are diametrically opposite.

All Scandinavian countries are prosperous European states with an extremely high standard of living. In practice, it often turns out that Swedish wives are not eager to marry foreigners and leave their home country. As a rule, Swedish girls prefer to stay within the EU and rarely consider immigration to the States. In practice, this means getting to know beautiful Swedish women on dating sites can be tricky.


JollyRomance is an online dating platform designed to connect individuals with potential romantic partners from around the world. With its user-friendly interface and a focus on creating meaningful connections, JollyRomance offers a convenient and enjoyable online dating experience.


  • Extensive user base with diverse Swedish mail order brides profiles
  • Advanced search filters and matching algorithms
  • Offers various communication tools, such as chat and video calls


  • Free membership has limited access to features
  • Some profiles may not be thoroughly verified
  • The platform primarily caters to individuals seeking serious relationships


LuckyDate is an online dating platform that aims to connect mail order brides from Sweden with potential romantic partners from around the world. With its user-friendly interface and emphasis on creating meaningful connections, LuckyDate offers a convenient and engaging online dating experience.


  • Wide range of Swedish mail order wives profiles and potential matches
  • Low prices for services
  • Interesting website design


  • Users should exercise caution and engage in safe online practices
  • While LuckyDate aims to cater to a wide range of relationship preferences


BravoDate is an online mail order bride platform that aims to find a swedish bride. With its user-friendly interface and commitment to fostering meaningful connections, BravoDate offers a convenient and enjoyable online dating experience.


  • Large user base
  • Advanced search filters
  • Secure platform
  • Mobile app available


  • Requires payment for many advanced features
  • Scammers and fake profiles

Marriage Agencies and Mail-Ordering Services

Accordingly, when it comes to Swedish girls for marriage, men have to resort to the only truly effective and reliable tool. These tools are considered mail-ordering agencies, and this is the best opportunity to choose a suitable wife for Sweden in our time. Every Swedish mail order brides who wants to marry an American is first of all registered in the directory of one of the major marriage agencies. In addition, it is in online agencies that each bride undergoes a multi-stage interview and is carefully checked.

Success Stories Of Wives From Sweden

Success Story #1 Image
Elias and Amalia AmourFactory logo
Elias and Amalia had been searching for a meaningful connection for some time. Elias was the first to join the site and quickly discovered that he had much in common with Amalia. They shared similar passions and interests, as well as an appreciation of humor. It wasn't long before Elias asked Amalia out on a date and she eagerly accepted. On their first date, they went to dinner at a local restaurant where they talked late into the night about all sorts of topics—from books to movies, music to philosophy—and realized how truly compatible they were together. From there, it was clear that something special blossomed between them; eventually Elias proposed marriage to which Amalia said yes without hesitation!
Success Story #2 Image
Roman and Klara BravoDate logo
Roman and Klara had both been single for quite some time when they decided to take a chance on online dating. Klara was a bit hesitant at first, but after talking with Roman for several weeks she began to feel more comfortable. Soon enough, the two of them were going out on dates together and getting to know each other better. As their relationship grew, Roman and Klara found that they had so much in common - from their love of travel to their shared passion for sports. They talked endlessly about all sorts of topics and even started planning trips together in the near future. It wasn't long until they realized they were falling deeply in love with one another!

The Costs of Finding a Swedish Mail Order Wife

If you’re a man who is interested in finding a Swedish mail order bride, you may be wondering about the costs involved. Can you find a beautiful Swedish woman willing to marry you without spending a fortune? The answer is yes! Here’s a look at what you can expect to spend when pursuing Swedish mail order brides.

The cost of finding Swedish brides will vary depending on where you look and how you go about it. There are a few different ways to find Swedish women for marriage, and each has its own set of costs associated with it.

  • One option is to use a that specializes in Swedish mail order brides. These sites typically charge a monthly membership fee, and you’ll have access to a database of Swedish girls who are interested in meeting foreign men for marriage. At the same time, the monthly membership fee may seem like a lot up front, keep in mind that it’s likely cheaper than taking multiple trips to Sweden in an attempt to meet someone! In addition, you’ll be able to get to know the women on the site before you even take your trip, which can help reduce the costs of travel as well.
  • Another option is to use a more traditional dating site. These sites don’t necessarily focus on Swedish brides, but there are many available who are interested in foreign men. You’ll likely have better luck finding someone on one of these sites if you’re willing to put in the time and effort to search through profiles and send messages back and forth. However, these sites typically don’t offer any guarantee that you’ll find someone, so you may end up spending quite a bit of money without any actual results.

If you’re not interested in either of these options, there’s also the possibility of finding Swedish brides through friends or family members who already live in Sweden. This option takes some more effort, but it’s often cheaper than an online dating site since you won’t have any monthly fees to worry about. Plus, if you have friends or family members in Sweden who can help introduce you to potential matches, it’ll make the process easier (and likely more enjoyable) than going it alone.

Сalculate the Price of a Swedish Mail Order Bride

Approximate mail order bride's cost is:

The Benefits of Having a Swedish Wife

American men are often intrigued by the idea of having Swedish women. Swedes are known for their beauty, intelligence, and independence. They are also known for being excellent wives and mothers. If you are considering marrying a Swedish woman, here are some things to remember.

Swedish women are fiercely independent. They do not rely on their husbands to take care of them financially or otherwise. Instead, they believe in equality between spouses. This means you will not have to worry about your Swedish wife becoming overly dependent on you. She will be just as capable of taking care of herself and contributing to the household finances as you are.

Sweden mail order brides are also very intelligent. They value education and tend to be well-read. This is one reason why they make excellent mothers. Your children will always be able to count on their mother to help them with their homework or answer any questions about the world around them.

Do Swedish MaiOrder Brides Like American Men?

When marrying a Swedish woman, it is not uncommon for an American man to wonder if Swedish brides really prefer American men. Everyone knows Americans are very fond of marrying young and charming brides from Scandinavian countries. However, few people know how few Scandinavians are represented on the international bride market.

Due to the extremely high loss of life, beautiful wives of Sweden are overwhelmingly not interested in marriages with foreigners. Due to the absence of borders within the European Union, women from Sweden can already move freely between European countries. Moreover, it is much easier for citizens of European countries to get a green card and immigrate to the States on their own. Thus, in the case of a Swedish woman for marriage, you will not get that gratitude and that delight that you will surely find when meeting brides from third-world countries.

Swedish women are more rational and restrained; they rarely make choices based on the well-being of their husbands, and even more so, citizenship. However, there is some likelihood of meeting Swedish mail order brides in dating directories. Almost all Swedish brides register with mail-ordering services directories and very rarely use classic dating platforms. It should be understood that if a bride from Sweden seriously decided to marry a foreigner using the Internet, then in nine cases out of ten, she is looking for an American. All other options are available to Swedish beauties without the help of online agencies.

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The Legality of Sweden Mail Order Brides Online

Swedish mob sites, like dating sites in many other countries, are generally legal platforms that provide a space for individuals to connect, interact, and potentially form relationships. These sites operate within the framework of applicable laws and regulations in Sweden, ensuring compliance and user protection.

The legality of Swedish dating sites ensures that they adhere to privacy laws, data protection regulations, and consumer rights. These platforms typically have terms of service and privacy policies that outline their obligations to users and clarify how personal information is handled.


If you’ve ever thought about ordering a Swdishb bride online, then it’s time to consider the option of wives from Sweden seriously. Local girls are not easy to find, and the demand, as is often the case with quality goods, exceeds the supply. However, suppose you are lucky enough to receive a specially selected Swedish mail order wife. In that case, you will have many years of living together in happiness and serenity ahead of you.


How to Find a Swedish Wife?

In order to find a suitable partner in Sweden, it is best to contact the online agency managers directly. Due to the extremely high standard of living and the high level of education, wives from Sweden very rarely register on international dating sites. Every bride who is going to find a husband on the Internet, first of all, turns to one of the largest mail-order services in the region.

Can I Marry a Swedish Girl?

You can marry a Swedish bride as long as you comply with all legal laws. Scandinavian law is extremely strict in suppressing child marriage and strongly restricts the minimum age for marriage for girls to the age of majority. If your wife-to-be is under eighteen years of age on the day of the wedding, the local authorities will refuse you, regardless of the reason. All cases of early marriages are considered by the court on an individual basis, and in most cases, a negative decision is made on such issues. As always, you can find all the available information on marriage in Sweden on the embassy's website.

How Loyal Are Swedish Wives?

Swedish wives are known all over the world for their extremely high loyalty. They are brought up in an atmosphere of traditional conservatism and tremendously value sacred values. Local wives perceive the concept of marriage as something sacred. Swedish brides almost never can afford to cheat. They even perceive divorce as something shameful and unnatural.

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