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Asian wives are some of the cutest people in the world. Many men think having a Japanese bride is an honor, as some of these ladies are the epitome of female mystery.

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They are charming, loving, modest, homely, warm, inviting, hospitable, and dedicated. They are real companions for real samurais. Japanese wives are happy to be with a decent, loving partner who will provide comfort and think about the future. About Japanese wife dating – read further in the material.

Japanese Wives Statistics

🌐 Top Asian Mail Order Bride Service AsianMelodies
💸Japanese brides cost $1,300 – $6,000
👰🏽Average age of Asian Wives 25
⚖️ Legitimacy of mail-order marriages in USA Yes
📄Visa Type K-1 Fiancé Visa
❤️Success Rate 73%
💔Divorce rate 27%

Best Japanese Brides

Akane 24 y.o.
Ema 23 y.o.
Ayaka 27 y.o.
Hanae 21 y.o.
Akira 22 y.o.
Hinata 30 y.o.
Chinatsu 22 y.o.
Chiaki 25 y.o.
Hibiki 24 y.o.
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Japanese Wives Statistics

But how do you need to behave to win this lady’s attention? It is a complete guide on how to woo a beautiful Japanese mail order brides and where to meet her. 

modern Japanese Woman

Why Japanese Brides?

When it comes to finding a wife, Japan has it all. These women do not disappoint their men. Risen in strict traditional households, these ladies understand the value of one’s word and are highly committed and loyal. But what else makes Japanese wives so attractive?

  • They are knowledgeable. Japan has the wisest women in the world, literate and intelligent. Since Japan is the second most educated country, expect your spouse to acquire exquisite knowledge in math, literature, and science. Since Japan has competition in high school, and education defines women’s workplace for the rest of their lives, Asian ladies take it seriously. 
  • Japanese mail order brides are loyal and compassionate. They are like water lily, very tender and easy to break. However, as fragile as the lily appears, it has some of the most vital roots. Don’t be fooled by the outer image. Asian women are not as helpless as they seem at first glance. These ladies have immense inner strength and are ready to combat all the difficulties in relationships. 
  • Asian ladies are modest and traditional. These girls cherish traditional culture, and even if you visit the most modern city, they will still be submissive and will listen to your words. The culture of fragile female beauty is embedded into Japan’s roots. Japanese women looking for husband will still give all the props to the male, letting men be breadwinners in relationships. Although, there are some minor exclusions. 
  • They are very neat and polite. Asian fashion doesn’t scream “flamboyant,” so unless you’re dating a “gyaru,” your future spouse will have light makeup and modest clothes. It looks adorable and appropriate for any occasion. 
  • Asian people don’t like drama. Unless you want to start fights purposely, your Asian girlfriend won’t support you on that. These women do not like loud conversations, as Japan is one of the most highly cultural countries where even train rides are silent. So if you don’t want to appear a fool, leave those drama classes and treat your future spouse with maximum respect.

If you want to find Japanese wife, try to be more assertive and initiate the conversation. A modest girl might have a crush on you, but she will never admit her feelings because you are a foreigner, and they have no idea what type of women you might like. So if you do not want to miss an opportunity to find hot wives from Japan, try to take more initiative and text this girl first. If you interested how to get a Japanese wife, read this material in detail.

Success Stories Of Wives From Japan

Success Story #1 Image
Eric and Himari TheLuckyDate Asian logo
Eric and Himari both had been searching for love for what felt like an eternity. They had both gone through a series of failed relationships, never quite finding the one they were looking for. One day, Eric decided to take a chance and join an online dating site in hopes of meeting someone special. Little did he know that Himari was also on the same site - and it wasn't long before they crossed paths. He invited her out on a date - and she accepted! On their first date together at the local park, it seemed as though sparks had flown between them from the moment they laid eyes on each other. After months of getting to know one another through conversations online, things only got better when they speaking face-to-face! It seems like these two would never be apart again - making this an epic success story about finding true love online!
Success Story #2 Image
Oscar and Sara AsianMelodies logo
It all began when Oscar and Sara crossed paths on an online dating site. Both had been single for a while, so they decided to take a chance and message each other. After chatting back and forth for weeks, the two finally arranged to meet in person at a local coffee shop. As time went on, both felt more comfortable with one another until eventually they fell madly in love. After months of blissful courtship filled with romantic dates and thoughtful gifts, Oscar proposed to Sara one evening under the stars as he presented her with a gorgeous diamond ring. Needless to say she said yes!

What You Should Know Before Meeting a Japanese Mail Order Wife

Japanese people don’t like spontaneity. Because Asian men always buy groceries after conversing with their spouses, it’s not uncommon for Japanese mail order brides to expect them to be more traditional and rigid. It means that if you’re trying to express your love frantically, a girl might be scared by your impulsive behavior. Asian ladies like to organize everything, so they don’t have to reschedule and host and expected guests.

Another thing that might be important is that Asian women are modest. They do not like PDA and are weirded out by overly sexualized Western cannons. She can be feisty in bed but prepare to receive a more chill approach. Japanese women don’t break plates, shout at their partners, and provoke them for being jealous, for better or for worse. Additionally, these girls are always busy and often want to pursue a career. She will never be a dead weight on your shoulders.

Finally, it will be hard to understand what happened during a conversation. Because Asian people are very emotionally reserved and polite, sometimes you never know what strikes her mind, but she will let you know as you get closer.

So if you want to find a Japanese wife, be sure you learn about the ups and downs of an international relationship.

japanese bride in a dress

How to meet Japanese Women?

Here are a few tips and tricks to get you started:

  1. Find online communities – There are plenty of online forums and websites that cater to Japanese women who are looking for foreign men. Joining these communities can be a great way to network with like-minded people, exchange stories and experiences, and find potential dates.
  2. Try out dating apps – Japan has its own unique range of dating apps that allow singles to connect with potential partners from the comfort of their own home. Some of the most popular ones include Pairs, Omiai, and Tinder Japan.
  3. Go out and socialize – Meeting people in person is one of the oldest and most effective ways to forge connections with potential partners. Head out to bars, cafes, or other local hangouts in Japan, introduce yourself, strike up conversations, and see where it takes you! Who knows, maybe your future Japanese partner could be just around the corner!

Where to Meet Japanese Wives?

How to get a Japanese wife in real life? It’s easy if you have a visa and have no problems traveling around the world in a global pandemic. Young women like going shopping, clubbing, attending pubs with their friends, going karaoke on weekends, and attending parks on weekdays. Japan is a beautiful country you should visit without a doubt. The difference between rural and modern areas is drastic when it comes to Japanese ladies for marriage. A girl from Tokyo will undoubtedly be different from a woman from a small countryside. These girls have different outlooks, with someone being more traditional and others having a more groundbreaking view of life. However, they would like to meet a foreigner, as Asian singles love international marriages. Tall and slim men with lighter-colored hair are idols to Japanese brides. 

Despite their love for foreigners, it is still hard to come across Asian ladies considering how strict this country is with visas. So what should you do in this case? The logical answer would be online dating. It allows you to talk to women from Kagoshima to Munakata without a problem. So how to seek an Asian wife online? 


Japanese Brides Online Profiles


Advantages of Online Dating Sites for Those Looking for a Japanese Bride

Any Japanese girl looking for marriage would like to be approached by a strong, assertive man. If you want to meet Japanese singles for serious relationships, mail order brides services are the best match because:

  • Now you can look for women up to your standards. Any Japanese wife finder has a set of sliders that allow you to find a desirable woman according to your expectations, personality traits, appearance, or workplace. You can save up time and have more fun by not wasting it on strangers you definitely will not click with.
  • It is much easier than finding brides in real life. As going to Japan is a complicated process because of the visa acceptance, it is easier to talk to a girl online without actually having to attend her country. The process of visa approval might take several months. Why wasting time on that when you can talk to women during this time?
  • You will receive professional help. Because flying out to your country is as complicated for Japanese citizens as it would be for you to visit theirs, it’s much easier to receive professional help from a team trained to fly out any Japanese girl for marriage.

Many singles are waiting to date a foreign man, so you should be honored and shoot your shot. 

trendy Japanese Woman

Dating a Japanese Wife: Top Tips and Tricks

Dating a Japanese lady may not easily be due to cultural differences, but if you want a Japanese girl for marriage, here are some tips and tricks on how to woo an Asian woman:

  • Be a gentleman

Asian women love courting. They want an assertive boyfriend who will make significant decisions in relationships, help with groceries, buy gifts from time to time, and initiate convos. Japanese bride finds it hard to start romance, and they can’t help but expect you to move forward. 

  • Have good image and hygiene

As weird as it sounds, Asian women perceive untidy men as creeps. They don’t like when a man has dirty laundry and uncut hair. Additionally, being punk or looking rough is not widely accepted in Japan (especially when it comes to colossal tattoo sleeves.) 

  • Be punctual and modest

Japanese people don’t cancel their plans without reason. If you want to date a Jap girlfriend, be punctual and always come in time. Don’t appear at her doorstep without invitation and start drama. 

  • Have good table manners

Culture is everything to Asian people, so learning table manners is a must. You can date a girl from Tokyo, but she will still succumb to thousand years-old traditions. Learn proper pronouns and be respectful towards older people at all times. Respect and good manners are cornerstones of Japanese culture. 

Meet with Japanese Singles

Location Shanghai
Age 25
Hobbies Basketball
English level B1
Weight 61
Height 175

Why Do Japanese Brides Become Mail Order Brides? 

Firstly Japanese mail order brides are highly sought after females. Japanese brides are in huge demand from American and European men. The reason is straightforward, they want a loyal, subservient partner, and there is no better example than Japanese women. We are talking about some of the most gorgeous, exotic-looking women who are humble, intelligent, and eager to follow a man. Numerous divorced men from the US look to Japanese women for marriage partners. Because they know they will have a committed Japanese wife who is not so likely to divorce them when things get complicated. 

So the question is, why do these females want to be Japanese mail order wife? There are several reasons for this, and every woman is different, so it is different for everyone. But in many cases, it is because Japanese women want a new life abroad. Japanese brides love the western culture of America. It is all over their media with TV shows and movies. Japanese brides would like to live the American dream. So dating platforms where Japanese women have the opportunity to chat with US singles appeals to them big time. Let’s take a look at the list below for some reasons why Japanese women turn to marriage agency sites: 

  • Wanting a new life overseas
  • Most convenient way to meet western men for relationships
  • They do not find Japanese men attractive
  • The American dream is very appealing
  • Japanese women find US guys attractive
  • A Japanese girl for marriage likes to be treated like a princess, and European guys do that

So there are a few reasons why so many Japanese brides want to become mail order brides. It is indeed a new direction in their life and something that many feel will benefit their life. You have to remember that Japanese ladies are very adventurous; they want excitement in their life. Joining a dating establishment adds some color to their life. It makes them feel like something great will happen. Many Japanese mail order brides dream of being with a foreign guy, someone they can learn new things from. American men are the perfect choice for these girls. 

To meet Japanese women, there are some fantastic platforms where registration will not take long. You add some personal information and some photos, and you can begin your search. It takes a few minutes, and you can enter chat rooms to chat with beautiful Japanese brides.

  • 9.3
japanese bride

Top Cities To Get a Japanese Woman For Marriage 

Japan is a country of fantastic beauty and landscapes. The country is different from anywhere else on earth. You can visit the larger cities where you will have your senses put on overdrive. The amount of people in large Japanese cities is incredible. It can be well over 10 million in a small Japanese city. The good news is that in many places in Japan, people speak excellent English. They often learn the language at school, making it easy to communicate with. Plus, they have many TV shows from the US, where they can learn the language that way too. 

If you would like to visit Japan and try your luck with meeting females, there are lots of opportunities. A Japanese mail order bride loves the thought of chatting with international men in bars and clubs. There are many opportunities in big cities like Tokyo and Sapporo. The nightlife is some of the finest in the world. Some of the most well-known DJs perform in clubs in Tokyo and Kyoto. The table below shows some cities where it is common to meet gorgeous Japanese mail order wives:

City in Japan

Features of local women 


Japanese brides from Tokyo are known for their amazing energy and beauty. They are always up for a good time. 


In this city Japanese women are reserved, shy but love the thought of being with a US guy. The city is famous for Geisha shows and the ladies are super hot. 


This city is known for beer so there are plenty of bars and Japanese women that love to meet new guys. Expect the females to have beautiful eyes here.

These are three well-known cities in Japan which all have a constant flow of tourists every year. It is easy to find a Japanese wife in these cities. There are great bars, restaurants, and nightclubs available. Fortunately, Japanese brides are kind, respectful, and excellent at meeting new people. So it allows for convenient meetings. You can hit the nightlife in these cities and meet girls or use suitable dating establishments for a safer journey. The experience of traveling to a new country is always something fascinating. You can not beat trying new food and sampling a new culture. There are few countries with better food than Japan too. 

  • 9.7

Japanese Mail Order Bride and Integration Process to American Society 

Because it is a dream of many Japanese wives to visit America and start a new life, the whole culture in America appeals to many Japanese girls. So the question is, how do you integrate into the community when you are from Japan. Once you come over as a Japanese wife, you can start learning more about the culture in the States. By doing day-to-day things such as visiting the grocery stores and meeting new people, you will understand more about the community in the US. Being in the county is a great way to learn and become a real American citizen yourself. 

Through dating platforms, you get to chat with Japanese women on a day-to-day basis. Once you finally get your bride over to America, the work starts. A Japanese bride will need some time to settle into the country and also learn the local customs. It may be a little scary and difficult at first for your partner. But over time, things will become easier for your Japanese bride and yourself. It is suggested that you assist as much as you can, but also allow your partner to go shopping alone, so she can quickly learn how things operate in another country. 

  • 9.9

There is no better teacher than experience, and you get that over time. So you must be patient with your beautiful Japanese wife, and eventually, she will become integrated into American society. The good thing is that over the time you were chatting online with your bride, she would have learned something about American culture. Also, American culture is pretty widespread in Japan, so it is not like she will not have any idea of US culture. She has an idea before arriving, which means the process will be nice and smooth with a little bit of luck. 

japanese bride and american man

So there you have it, a Japanese woman ticks so many boxes for US men. There has always been a strong connection with Japanese wives since the 1960s. Since the Vietnam war, American guys have been fascinated with Japanese brides. They see the positives in having an exotic Japanese bride over American women. They are totally different women. Brides from America are more committed to their careers nowadays. At the same time, Japanese brides are focused on marriage and their partners. So it depends on which type of lady you prefer.


A Japanese woman is a dream come true: tender, good-looking, and successful. Now you know how to marry a Japanese girl and win her attention. Hopefully, you will use this knowledge wisely. 


Are Japanese Girls Easy?

Japanese women are very modest and the opposite of easy. But she can be sexual and erotic at home for her husband, that’s for sure

Why Are Japanese Women So in Demand?

Japanese women are a dream come true – gentle, tender; they know how to cook and clean, supportive and kind. They are the ultimate fairytale for a man who’s looking for a real woman.

How to Find a Japanese Wife?

While there are ways to go to Japan and see all these beautiful women with your eyes, it’s much easier to date brides online. You will find ladies from different parts of Japan and will be able to compare.

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