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Every feature and function created for Orchid Romance can help you get closer to your possible date. You can be certain that OrchidRomance is just what you need whether you’re seeking for serious, passionate, and long-term relationships with a girlfriend or want to meet a real woman who will be your girlfriend. Many couples all across the world have found this website to be beneficial. Numerous foreign women have been successful in finding husbands or lovers in the United States or Europe. You may enjoy an efficient, inexpensive, and straightforward online dating experience with OrchidRomance – all you have to do is sign up.

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Pros and Cons of OrchidRomance

Ergonomics and ease of useThe absence of a mobile version
Identity Verification + best online dating experienceSubscription prices are a bit high
Fast and completely free registration + online communicationLimited features in the free version
Legit dating site

The Orchid Romance site is done perfectly. Leader in this market, it has occupied the sector for years. Being a serious Asian woman dating site, it allows you to make beautiful meetings with women from China, Japan, the Philippines, Thailand, and other Asian countries. Our Orchid Romance reviews –
will give the most complete information about the dating site.

OrchidRomance main page

Furthermore, if most of the members live on the other side of the world, some Asian women are in the USA right around the corner. This race is quite abundant, and you can meet Asian ladies everywhere. So what is your main purpose for using this site? To find love, of course!

How Does OrchidRomance Work?

During our review on the Orchid Romance dating site, we could flash profiles, send emails or messages, use instant messaging, live chats, etc. It offers many features to make your search easier.

OrchidRomance people

The site also offers a FAQ and a video to help you in your first steps on OrchidRomance. Feel free to send multiple messages to different profiles. With a high response rate, Orchid Romance is popular because members are very active on the site.

  • 9.3

Once you think you have found the one you are looking for and after communicating with her, it is time to move from virtual to real. You must therefore propose a meeting. Keep reading this Orchid Romance dating site review for more information.

OrchidRomance Sing-Up Process

How to register on the OrchidRomance website? An interesting feature of the the platform is that the registration is ultra-fast. It took me barely 3 minutes to get to the homepage, time = to fill in the short form.

The First Stage

Registration on Orchid Romance dating site is completely free as you can see. In other words, you can create your Orchid Romance account and access the homepage without giving your bank information. To do so, you have to click on the registration link once you are on the platform.

Top Orchid Romance Ladies Profiles


Filling Out the Registration Form

You will then be redirected to the Orchid Romance registration page where you must fill out a short form. To do this, you will need to give:

  • Your first name;
  • Your gender (male or female) and that of the person you are looking for;
  • Your age (18 years old minimum, I remind you!);
  • Your email address;
  • A password to access your account.
OrchidRomance registration

Then simply click on “View singles to go to the home page”. Note that the operation can only be continued if you accept the Terms of Use of the online dating site. You can also register via Facebook to be faster. Your two accounts will be linked, and OrchidRomance will have access to all the information you have entered on the social network.

30 credits
60 credits
90 credits
OrchidRomance join for free

Tips on How To Fill In Your OrchidRomance Profile

You must then complete your profile by giving additional information about yourself. To do this, go to your home page and click on your profile icon. This is where you can change or add information to your account. Here is a small overview of the information you need to give to optimize your profile on the Orchid Romance site:

OrchidRomance profile
  • Information about yourself: appearance, lifestyle, origin, culture, or religion;
  • Your interests;
  • The criteria you consider to choose your partner: appearance, origin, lifestyle, or leisure.

Add as a Friend the Best Girl from OrchidRomance

Location Manila
Age 23
Hobbies Lamp making
English level B2
Weight 60
Height 167

Quality Matches on OrchidRomance

The casual way is to use OrchidRomance free search and follow the profiles you are interested in. The list of users is quite huge so you can take all your time. The drawback of this way is that you might meet a girl that is incompatible in more than one way. To solve this issue, the creators introduced a matchmaking option that you can use by answering a set of questions. 

Success Stories Of Wives From OrchidRomance

Success Story #1 Image
Genji and Nick OrchidRomance logo
Genji is a Chinese mail order bride who gets married to Nick, an American man. She moves from China to America and has a lot of culture shocks. Genji learns more about American life and Nick learns about Chinese culture during the process. Genji and Nick eventually have a baby together. The story is an introspective tale of how this couple navigates the differing cultures and traditions that they inhabit, not just in order to live happily ever after, but also to have their baby cross over too.
Success Story #2 Image
Fang and Patrick OrchidRomance logo
Patrick, an American man, was tired of dating the wrong type of women, who all left him for his money. He had heard about taking a Chinese mail order bride and decided to try it out. He ordered through one of the sites on the internet but he didn't want to pay a lot because he's not a big spender. The site found a Chinese Bride Fang for him. Three years had passed since they married and she had given birth to their son Jason.
Success Story #3 Image
Xiao and Merijn OrchidRomance logo
They found each other on an internet mail order bride service and they were both stunned by how similar they are and soon they fell in love. Two years after, Xiao Xia met her lover in person for the first time and he was 10 years older than her, but despite their age gap, they found it wasn't difficult to get married. Finally, Xiao Xia said she is really happy with her choice.

Special Features

Orchid Romance is not the most innovative dating site out there. It implements the features that you can easily find on other dating sites. However, it is a different case, when those features are ideally polished. Let us take a look at two main examples:

OrchidRomance like
  • Gifts for your Orchid Romance partner. Everyone wants to make their possible date happy. You can do it by sending virtual gifts which are received at the speed of light. Furthermore, there is a deeper feature that allows you to buy a real gift to send to a P.O. box of your interlocutor;
  • Arranging for a date. First, there is a feature to exchange contacts to enable possible calls and gain more trust towards each other. The next amazing thing is asking for a date in real life. You should specify for how long you want to be in another country, and the site’s workers will arrange the tickets and accommodation. 
Orchid Romance members

Safety and Security

Many new users of OrchidRomance wonder about the security measures of the website. We have checked this information and can tell you that the site has privacy policies, as well as terms of use. There is a professional team of administrators and moderators who enforce and monitor all dating activities that take place on the website. As far as fake accounts on Orchid Romance are concerned, we could hardly find any on the site. The moderators check all newly created profiles. 

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OrchidRomance Customer Support

Orchid Romance is a caring and attentive dating platform that handles all of its members’ requests and needs. We’ve found that there are helpful safety guidelines that guide new members as they begin searching for their first dates. We advise you to avoid providing personal and sensitive information. It has a solid customer support system that is free and can be reached via online chat or email. 

OrchidRomance Cost in 2023

We recommend that you purchase OrchidRomance credits to take full advantage of all the features offered. The price for credit packs seems a bit high, but it’s worth it when you see all the benefits you get. 

With credits, you can primarily send and receive messages without limits. Instant messaging is also available so that you can communicate directly with other members online. You can also pay for accessing the “advanced matching” option. You can also use the “instant translation” feature.

Calculate the Cost of a Girl from OrchidRomance

Approximate mail order bride's cost is:

Latest OrchidRomance Reviews

So far we went through the most notable aspects of Orchid Romance. However, we can’t miss out on the opinion of the public. It’s always nice to hear different opinions to generate your own. Naturally, you can form final thoughts after using the services of Orchid Romance, but our review and users’ opinions give you the perfect background. 

Orchid Romance search


I was into Japanese culture since childhood. Loved their tea ceremonies and heard that ladies there are interesting wives. Out of curiosity, I registered on OrchidRomance as it has a huge database of Asian users, including the country of the rising sun. I got the first response about 5 minutes after buying the credits. The conversation went smoothly, and the administrators helped us organize the dating in real life. I have 0 regrets about it, Sakura is amazing.

OrchidRomance chat


I tried meeting Asian girls via my Chinese friend, but all attempts were futile. Then my sister recommended me to Orchid Romance, where she found herself a husband. She was talking about a smooth interface and straightforward system. Can confirm that she wasn’t exaggerating. I had many profiles available to me, and with the trial of test and error, I met Mei. We were able to communicate via video chat, and I had this habit of sending her small virtual gifts. Eventually, we met in real life, and this is where true happiness began. This site was quite helpful. 


Truth be told, I was quite desperate when I first got to the Orchid Romance website. I expected a series of futile flirting sessions with a bit of small talk in between. Amazingly, the girls here feel real, and by that, I mean that I was extremely interested in keeping the conversation going. It felt mutual, and I had time to talk to several ladies to find out whether our interests match. There was one odd profile, but I quickly reported, and customer support apologized for possible inconveniences. It was a small hiccup, so I had nothing to complain about. Soon I will visit Vietnam to meet Jade, and I have a good feeling about it. 

OrchidRomance Alternatives

If you don’t want to focus solely on one site, then we have several alternatives to expand your options. The alternative Orchid Romance sites have the same mindset of gathering many Asian profiles, and they all strive to bring the best service out there. Try all of them out and decide which one suits you best. 

  • EliteSingles. The dating site has a huge user base all over the world. The site aims to find matches for people from all over the world. You can find a variety of backgrounds, ethnicities, lifestyles, and religions on EliteSingles. The site’s efficient matching algorithm considers matches based on user criteria and preferences;
  • EastMeetEast. This is a premium dating site designed for Asians. The user base of the website is about 4500 members. The site is designed to meet the needs of Asian men and women. The members of the site have the same culture, which makes it easier to find the desired partner. Member profiles are detailed to find the best matches. Details such as ethnicity, dialect, the language they speak at home, etc., are included in the profile.
OrchidRomance do you like

Final Verdict

In our opinion, OrchidRomance is an interesting site to easily find a partner corresponding to your tastes, whether you are Asian or a foreign. We think the features are complete and optimize your chances to find the right person.

We especially like the identity verification option, as it ensures users’ safety from fake profiles. As far as the rates are concerned, the prices are a bit high compared to other dedicated dating sites in the same field. However, we believe that the price is worth it when you look at all the options that the platform offers.