Japanese Single Women – How to Meet a Japanese Girl Online

Some believe that girls from Japan are ideal ladies, caring wives, and delightful lovers. Others, on the contrary, think that they are pacifiers. Contradictory publications on the Internet do not help clarify a foreign man’s situation. One talks about single Japanese ladies as cold and inhumane. The other, on the contrary, dreams about a fantastic relationship with a Japanese girl. Our team has prepared an expert review of Japanese Singles – find the best dating tips below.

Exoticism was always in the price. And what can be more exotic for a foreign man than a woman who comes from the Land of the Rising Sun? So, how and where to meet a Japanese woman?

Japanese Single Girls Overview

? Best Cities to Meet Single Japanese Women:Tokyo, Yokohama, Osaka
? Average Number Of Singles:42.9% of men and 26.6% of women
? Average Singles Age:30-34
? Best Dating Site/App:Japan Cupid

Japanese Singles Profiles

Akane 24 y.o.
Ema 23 y.o.
Ayaka 27 y.o.
Hanae 21 y.o.
Akira 22 y.o.
Hinata 30 y.o.
Chinatsu 22 y.o.
Chiaki 25 y.o.
Hibiki 24 y.o.
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Japanese Dating Sites For Foreigners

The world of online dating has made it easier for people to connect with others from different countries and cultures, including Japan. There are several popular Japanese dating sites that cater to both locals and foreigners:

  1. JapanCupid: With a large user base of Japanese singles and foreigners, JapanCupid is one of the most popular dating sites in Japan. It offers features such as messaging, video chat, and a matching algorithm to help users find compatible matches.
  2. Omiai: Omiai is a leading Japanese dating site that focuses on serious relationships and marriage. It uses a unique matchmaking algorithm based on users’ profiles and preferences to help them find compatible partners.
  3. Match.com Japan: Match.com Japan is the Japanese version of the popular dating site Match.com. It has a large user base in Japan and offers features such as messaging, video chat, and a search function to help users find potential matches.
  4. Pairs: Pairs is a Japanese dating app that focuses on long-term relationships. It offers features such as messaging, voice chat, and a matchmaking algorithm that suggests compatible matches based on users’ interests and preferences.
  5. JapanCupid.com: JapanCupid.com is another popular Japanese dating site that caters to both Japanese singles and foreigners. It offers various features such as messaging, video chat, and a matching algorithm to help users find compatible matches based on their preferences.

Each of these Japanese dating sites has its own unique features and strengths, so it’s worth exploring each one to see which one works best for you.

Places To Find A Japanese Single Woman To Date

Everything is simple. It is enough to get to Japan since the best places to meet Japanese women are in their country. But you can also meet a girl online and solve the language problem with the help of a translator. About how to meet Japanese girls online – read below.

Meet Girls Online

Dating on the Internet is the most simple and inexpensive way to meet a woman from another country. There are a lot of Japanese dating websites online. You can post important information about yourself and subscribe to certain communities that are interesting to you to receive the most favorable offers from girls. If you are patient, you can easily find a cute Japanese girl on the Internet for flirting, sex, and even serious relationships up to marriage.

Meet Single Women In Japan In Person

Foreign men who are looking to meet with ladies from Japan are also looking at these cities:

  • Tokyo
  • Yokohama
  • Osaka
  • Nagoya
  • Sapporo

If you are a businessman and want to find a Japanese woman near you during a business trip – that’s the most rational decision. Look for a good girl from the circle of your business partners. This guarantees that the interlocutor will be an educated girl, not burdened by nasty and harmful habits.

If you come to Japan as a tourist, you also have a chance to find a suitable girl. Here, you can find waitresses in restaurants, manage.

Detailed Description of Sites for Search Japanese Singles

If you are interested in meeting Japanese girls, there are many online platforms and dating sites that can help you find potential matches. Here are some of the best sites to meet Japanese girls:

  1. JapanCupid: This site is part of the Cupid Media network and has a large user base of Japanese singles. You can create a free account and search for potential matches based on your preferences.
  2. Pairs: This Japanese dating app is popular in Japan and offers features such as messaging, video calls, and voice calls. You can create a profile and search for matches based on your location and interests.
  3. Omiai: This site is focused on serious relationships and marriage, and is popular among Japanese professionals. You will need to fill out a detailed profile and pay a subscription fee to use the site.
  4. Bumble: This app is popular worldwide and has a large user base in Japan. It allows women to make the first move and initiate conversations with potential matches.
  5. Tinder: This dating app is widely used in Japan and allows you to swipe through profiles to find potential matches. It is a popular option for casual dating and hookups.
  6. Meetup: This site allows you to join groups based on your interests and meet like-minded people, including Japenese singles. You can attend events and meetups to socialize and potentially find a romantic connection.
  7. AsiaCharm: This site has a large user base of Asian singles, including Japanese women. You can create a profile and search for matches based on your preferences.

Characteristics Of Single Ladies From Japan

In the traditional view of Europeans, every single Japanese woman is an attentive, obedient wife and caring mother, quiet and submissive. However, these women are also beautiful. The beauty of Japanese women is undeniable. They look like elegant statuettes – at 30, you will give them no more than 20; when they turn 50, you can think they are celebrating their 30th anniversary. What is the secret of their eternal youth, and why are Japanese girls so popular on the bride market for foreign men? Japanese singles in USA – are not very common in the country.

Strive To Be Beautiful

Japanese Single Women

You can notice how Japanese singles in the USA carefully work on their appearance. Moreover, every woman can have her motivation. Many ladies imitate an ideal appearance, and others want to please their husbands. But whatever the root cause, Japanese women do everything to feel beautiful and confident.

  • No tan – Americans think tan is beautiful, and Japanese women disagree with them! In Japan, the concept of beauty is inextricably linked with the porcelain, almost doll-white skin color. Therefore, in sunny weather, a girl will be in a T-shirt and an umbrella.
  • They are slim – Another habit of Japanese women is their desire to become slim, even skinny. The East Asian physique is already very fragile compared to the American or European girls nearby, but ladies from Japan strive to take it to the extreme.

Best Mail Order Bride Sites To Find Japanese Wife


Pragmatic By Nature

It is not easy to combine work with family affairs. The innate tendency of Japanese women to pragmatism plays a significant role in overcoming various difficulties – they do not strive to fulfill all their duties “perfectly” and do not set themselves impossible tasks.

Thus, having the freedom of choice and not wanting to sacrifice the interests of the family or just leisure for the sake of work, many girls prefer temporary employment or work at home, which allows them to regulate the working day to their interests.

Date Japanese Girls

Perfect Wives

Japanese American singles always look beautiful, care for their husbands and children, and do all the housework. At the same time, they also earn money. Have you ever heard Japanese families arguing? It seems that a Japanese wife would be lucky for any man.

Success Stories Of Wives From Japan

Success Story #1 Image
Eric and Himari TheLuckyDate Asian logo
Eric and Himari both had been searching for love for what felt like an eternity. They had both gone through a series of failed relationships, never quite finding the one they were looking for. One day, Eric decided to take a chance and join an online dating site in hopes of meeting someone special. Little did he know that Himari was also on the same site - and it wasn't long before they crossed paths. He invited her out on a date - and she accepted! On their first date together at the local park, it seemed as though sparks had flown between them from the moment they laid eyes on each other. After months of getting to know one another through conversations online, things only got better when they speaking face-to-face! It seems like these two would never be apart again - making this an epic success story about finding true love online!
Success Story #2 Image
Oscar and Sara AsianMelodies logo
It all began when Oscar and Sara crossed paths on an online dating site. Both had been single for a while, so they decided to take a chance and message each other. After chatting back and forth for weeks, the two finally arranged to meet in person at a local coffee shop. As time went on, both felt more comfortable with one another until eventually they fell madly in love. After months of blissful courtship filled with romantic dates and thoughtful gifts, Oscar proposed to Sara one evening under the stars as he presented her with a gorgeous diamond ring. Needless to say she said yes!

What Are Japanese Single Women Looking For In A Foreign Man?

Statistics show that the following reasons are the main for the breakup of relations in Japanese families:

  • No concept of chivalry – 48.3%;
  • A man did not express his feelings – 43%;
  • A man did not take the initiative – 24.7%;
  • A man did not give compliments in public – 17.6%;
  • He doesn’t keep his physical form – 14.5%.

How Can Foreign Men Attract Singles In Japan?

  • Unlike indifferent Japanese men, many foreigners enthusiastically contribute to building their family nest – and local women like it.
  • Japanese women find American and European men romantic. Compliments in public seem surprising in a society where the direct expression of tender feelings is rare.
  • Foreign men confirm their reputation by finding highly poetic ways of expressing love, especially when they call their wives “The most beautiful woman in the world.”
  • Many young women aged 30-34 choose being single in Japan. But most of them love European appearance – expressive faces and big eyes of colors different from brown.

Japanese Profiles Example

Location Tokyo
Age 23
Hobbies Photo
English level B1
Weight 55
Height 169

Japanese Dating Culture

Any relationship begins with the first meeting and acquaintance. Again, it is essential to understand what you are trying to achieve when meet Japanese singles and what kind of girl you want to marry. An important factor is the Japanese language. If you are fluent in Japanese, your chances increase dramatically. If you don’t know where to meet Japanese singles, this article is good for you.

Tips On How To Date Japanese Girls

  1. So that the date does not end in a fiasco even before it has started, do not be late, but better come ten minutes early. Japanese people are very punctual.
  2. The first impression is critical when you see a girl for the first time. It is better to talk about insignificant things, the weather, your country, Japanese and native cuisine, and traveling.
  3. You need to be very careful with compliments. Even if you just tell a girl that she is beautiful, this will immediately indicate your clear interest.
  4. When you meet women in Japan, don’t forget to mention that you do not have a girlfriend. Local girls don’t like “macho.”
  5. Japanese women are pretty gullible, but you should not get carried away with lies. You may forget what you told with the time, but the girl will remember everything.
  6. If the conversation is sufficiently entertaining and there is at least a little interest on the girl’s side, you can directly ask for her phone number. The girl may be embarrassed, but most likely, she will give the number.
  7. Don’t be too lazy to pay for the two of you. The girl can insist on paying separately, but it is the fact that the guy pays for the treat that turns the meeting into a date.
single japan girl

Giving Presents

Meeting Japanese singles, you don’t need to try to get the girl’s favor with expensive things because, in local society, it is highly desirable to return a costly gift. Otherwise, the recipient will be highly obliged to the giver. Do not put a girl in an awkward position with expensive jewelry or things. It is better to give:

  • Flowers – a bouquet of red roses. White or yellow flowers can cause wrong associations. By the way, the Japanese have no problems with an even or odd number of flowers in a bouquet. In addition, flowers in Japan are pretty cheap.
  • Sweets are a wonderful gift, especially if you come from another country to meet single girls. Be sure to bring your girlfriend a souvenir.

You Invite Her to Visit Your Place

Japanese people usually don’t come to visit. But you can try to invite a single Japanese female to your home at the suggestion of a dinner that you will prepare yourself. It is very romantic for a girl. Don’t turn dinner at your place into a request to take her to bed.

Singles In Japan


Single girls in Japan are very different. Some are shy, and others are relaxed, sophisticated, and vulgar. Some dream of meeting a foreigner, and others are disgusted by even the thought. Therefore, if you want to meet single women for a relationship, be gentle, do not break the law, act according to the circumstances, and, most likely, Japanese ladies will open their arms.

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