Mail Order Marriage Statistics: Is It Work?

Mail order brides is a term that refers to women who choose to marry Western men and settle in Western countries. This practice is legal, and the industry has been thriving for decades. The industry has even turned into a multi-billion business that supports thousands of families around the world. At the same time, there’s also a flip side to it: the mail order marriage industry is often associated with people who abuse the system and get involved in human trafficking. It’s time to break conservative stereotypes and start to live a whole life. If you want to find a foreign bride in the modern world, nobody stops you.

International Marriages: Most Successful Countries to Mail-Order


Mexico ranks at number one when it comes to international marriages. With almost 100 million people, this Latin country has a wide selection of women to choose from. The youthfulness of the country also plays a significant role, as well as the fact that people from neighboring countries such as Belize and the United States have easy access to Mexico.

According to the latest research, roughly 70 percent of women in Mexico are single. Mexico, at its peak, has approximately 5 percent of people that are married. The average age that a woman gets married is 27-years-old. These factors make this country ideal for mail-order brides. Mexico is simply a large market for people looking to marry a female from another country.

This country has many unique qualities that make it an attractive place to start an international marriage. Many rich people in this country are willing to spend their money on a mail-order bride. The problem is that these people do not have time to try and find a partner for themselves. Because of this, they will go to agencies that offer wives from other countries. One agency even claims that their mail-order bride service has helped thousands of men find brides from Mexico. They calculate this based on the men that have signed up for their service.

Mail Order Marriage Statistics


International marriages are the favorite way for men to find foreign brides. Many countries choose from according to their beauty, intelligence, family values, and religion. Men are always on the hunt for mail-order brides and international marriages. They search for them through marriage agencies or by using the internet. Ukraine remains one of the top countries for international marriages as many men from various parts of the world find their brides online.

Ukraine is the country where you have the most chance to meet a westerner who might be willing to marry a mail-order bride. You will have a more significant opportunity to meet a westerner here than in any other country on the Asian continent. In the capital city of Kyiv, there are more English-speaking people than in Moscow. The language is helpful if you want to find a mail-order bride from Ukraine. It also helps a lot with the cultural differences and will make your transition a smooth one. Ukrainian women know how to treat a man and keep him happy. They are good at cooking, and they appreciate men more than women from other countries do.

There is no stigma attached to marrying a Ukrainian woman from Kyiv. They are more likely to marry Western men, provided that the bride is not older than 35 years of age. In this case, you can always hire local agencies who will connect you with women interested in marrying foreigners. The agencies will do all the paperwork for you and set up dates with Russian brides online. If you decide to visit Ukraine, many beautiful women are waiting for you. The odds are that you will find your perfect match if you choose to look long enough and hard enough.

Mail Order Statistics: Marriages and Divorces

Mail order statistics are interesting; you can glimpse what is happening in the modern world. The data of the divorces of mail order marriages are more interesting than of the marriages. The teams that do not develop after you get to know her usually end up in divorce.

Do Mail Order Marriages Work

According to mail order bride facts, the marriage statistics of mail-order marriages are equally fascinating. You can investigate who is most likely to pursue mail-order brides. You can find the best time to get married when considering only the number of people getting married. The most critical point in any mail order statistics is about how many marriages are happy.

Mail Order Bride Divorce Rate

Mail order bride statistics show us that the desired pattern in which people are trying to find their love abroad is not always a successful one. After all, mail-order marriage statistics show that only one-third of couples that decide to create a relationship in this way have successful marriages. One-third of them get divorced within three years! That is a significant figure in a society where the divorce rate, in general, is growing every year. The problems are seen in different places, but it is clear that each case has its specifics which you should be aware of when thinking about this option.

Mail Order Bride Success Rate

It used to be that if you wanted to meet a nice girl, you had to go out into the big, wide world and do it the old-fashioned way. There were plenty of venues; you could meet her at church, a shopping mall, a park, a wine bar, a coffee shop… But for some men, the options weren’t appealing. And they weren’t always discreet. If you’re from a religious family or a small town, you might have been expected to marry someone from your community. And what if there just wasn’t anyone in your community who fit the bill? What if the only women who would talk to you were your mom’s bridge partners or your sister’s friends?

According to mail order bride info, you would have to resort to classified ads in the newspaper or online dating sites that help people find love. But there was one thing none of these venues had: variety. Most of them prohibited race-mixing. Since 2008, the number of marriages between foreign brides and U.S. citizens has grown significantly, while marriages between Americans and other Americans have decreased. The Department of State also reports that unions between people from one country and people of another country have changed in the past few years.


How Successful Are Mail Order Marriages?

According to online dating facts and statistics, over half of all marriages in the United States begin online. Of those who met online, more than 50% of those relationships developed into long-term relationships, and nearly 10% developed into marriage. With these statistics in mind, it’s not surprising that many potential American grooms turn to international dating sites to meet their future wives. Even though the practice is still quite controversial, there are numerous benefits to ordering a foreign bride.

What Is the Average Age of a Mail Order Bride?

Because of the view that a bride should be a virgin, men typically seek out younger women, typically between 18 and 21 years old. These women are only a few years away from being a teenager or college student, two demographics that are thought to be ideal for a man’s mail-order bride. If you ask a question of how many mail order marriages end in divorce, you definitely need to study demographic research.

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