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Updated on Oct 2022

If you are tired of the monotony in relationships and the constant whims of your partner, then it’s time to try something new. Modern opportunities allow you to almost endlessly expand the horizons of what is permissible without regard to boundaries and distances. Regardless of whether you are looking for a girl for the evening or a woman for a serious and long-term relationship, you should definitely try Bulgarian women.

Women from Bulgaria are extremely different from anything you are used to. They require a creative special approach, and the relationship with them is not like the relationship with any of your ex. Bolgarian girls are bitter, temperamental, and extremely beautiful. You probably won’t find easy relationships here, but you definitely won’t get bored in the process. In addition, a Bulgarian woman is known especially to discerning connoisseurs as a romantic, creative and unforgettable mistress.

However, if you really decided to try to meet Bulgarian ladies, then you need to give up the usual tricks and explore new things. This expert guide will not only help you understand where to find Bulgarian ladies but also how to properly handle them.

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Bulgarian Brides Features

Physical and Emotional Strength

You are probably not used to this, and this obvious fact may surprise you. Bulgarian brides impress with their independence. From early childhood, they are used to dealing with problems on their own and are not going to start crying now. Local girls are able to cope with emotions and endure hardships. If you offend or offend one of them, you will almost certainly hear about yourself an abyss of impartiality and will not see tears.

In difficult moments Bulgarian wife will stand next to your shoulder to shoulder, in moments of happiness, she will go her own way. For women from Bulgaria, independence is extremely important, which they have cultivated for years and which they are very reluctant to part with. Your Bulgarian mistress can remain independent and unapproachable, like a cat, until the very moment when you put a ring on her graceful finger.

You will have to try in order to conquer and conquer the beauty of Bulgaria. Bulgarian girl dating is a form of art, and subjugating an independent Bulgarian woman is not much easier than conquering Bulgaria as a whole. Only by following all the tips and points from this guide will you get the chance not only to get to know your potential wife from Bulgaria but also to translate the relationship into a fundamentally closer plane.

Impressive Determination

The wife from Bulgaria has always been characterized by an extremely high sense of purpose. Local girls can be called mood girls. They are used to choosing a goal in accordance with personal preferences and at all costs to achieve the goal. Such a goal can be a success in the chosen field of activity, a dizzying career in a corporation or firm, personal achievement in the field of arts. Bulgarian women give themselves entirely to their current hobby and never stop there.

However, this feature becomes a real asset when it comes to relationships. It should be understood that for brides from Bulgaria, there is an extremely clear division between the chosen ones and the lovers. Sex for them is just a kind of pleasant pastime, another kind of recreational leisure, which in itself does not oblige to anything.

Beautiful Bulgarian women often have several lovers, and even before starting a relationship, they clearly outline their own position. This position lies in the fact that she likes her lover, it is pleasant to spend time with him, but in such a relationship, there can be no concept of fidelity and constancy. It is so pleasant to be in the company of Bulgarian girls that many men agree with regret. Most men, however, are more than happy with this relationship.

However, as soon as it comes to the process of marrying a Bulgarian woman, the woman’s behavior is completely transformed. A wedding means that the relationship has gone far and really got serious. These women give themselves completely to such a relationship, and they mean every word of the oath spoken aloud. “Till Death do us part” – they don’t just repeat it after the holy father, Bulgarian woman really means every word. And from that moment, everything fundamentally changes, hot Bulgarian women completely devote themselves to relationships. There is no turning back – parting or divorce from a wife from Bulgaria is never easy and painless.

Unique Dating Code

Another indisputable advantage of Bulgarian singles is traditionally their approach to dating. Be prepared for the unexpected because the beauties from Bulgaria are as windy and unpredictable as possible. If you are phlegmatic and prefer planned calmness, then you may not like the relationship with Bulgarian girls.

Local ladies seem to be unable to sit still. They prefer constant movement, constant change of environment, action, extreme. Your first date might be a sitting in a restaurant, while on the second, you will find yourself on board an airplane in preparation for a parachute jump.

In addition, Bulgarian women are traditionally known as women looking for love. Girls from this country may not at all appreciate your many signs of attention, regardless of their value, they prefer emotions. Many people may not like the process of dealing with Bulgarian mail order brides, but some people can give almost anything for such an experience.

Where to Meet Bulgarian Wife

Contrary to expectations, this article will not recommend that you contact mail-order services. Despite the fact that several large and reputable agencies specialize in supplying brides from the region, in the case of Bulgarian girls, it is much easier and more effective to resort to an independent search. As you probably know, Bulgarian girls constantly suffer from boredom, and with their temperament, they try in every possible way to expand their horizons and gain new experiences.

Many of the Bulgarian wives, in order to gain new experience, register on large international dating sites and meet with great pleasure foreigners. Bulgarian women can meet for different purposes: some practice English, others exchange experiences, others just love to communicate with people who have gone through a fundamentally different life path.

By this point, you already know how simple and unassuming Bulgarian women are about sex. Communication with a pleasant interlocutor easily and naturally turns into a new plane, and very soon, the potential interlocutor becomes a lover.

Bulgarian brides make the final choice not on the basis of nationality but on the basis of mutual understanding between people. If a girl feels your sincere interest, then it doesn’t matter for her whether you are American, Arab, or Belarusian. American citizenship is not an advantage or a bargaining chip in the eyes of a girl from Bulgaria. All that matters to her are feeling.

Nevertheless, due to the eagerness with which local girls begin to communicate and come into closer contact with foreigners, it is quite easy to get acquainted with girlfriends from Bulgaria on the dating site. If you behave confidently enough and at ease, then very soon, you will be able to bring communication to new levels.

If you manage to prove yourself on the first date on the positive side, then the Bulgarian bride will definitely decide to take a closer look at you. In case something went wrong – do not rush to despair. The Internet knows many stories about happy marriages between Americans and young and charming brides from Bulgaria.

How to Date a Bulgarian Mail Order Bride

In relations with women from Bulgaria, an unspoken code must be observed. If you summarize this complex art, then you should adhere to a few simple rules.

Never try to brag and portray someone you really are not. Bulgarian girls are tired of upstarts, very sensitive to lies, and do not forgive posturing. Always be responsible for what you say, and only talk about what you really understand. Rationalism and grounded self-confidence are what will really impress the bride from Bulgaria.

Use your trump cards. If you can speak, then speak long, beautiful, and well. If you understand your profession, then talk about the profession with enthusiasm and incendiary. Do not be afraid that the bride will not understand you or that the topic of conversation will seem boring to her.

Bulgarian women are smart enough to understand and listen with interest to the technical details of any issue. They adore passionate men and cannot stand those who are afraid and choose their words instead of trying.

Do Bulgarian Women Like American Men

In the process of finding a Bulgarian wife, you will almost immediately understand that for women from this country, your origin does not really matter. They prefer to meet men rather than types of passports. Only personal charisma, self-confidence, and interest in relationships will help you open the way to the heart of beauty from Bulgaria. It should be noted that even with other things being equal, American citizenship is not a determining factor. Local women are accustomed to a good life in Bulgaria, and the vast majority are not interested in immigration.


Only a few men nowadays are seriously thinking about the possibility of ordering one of the incredible Bulgarian singles on the Internet. This happens mainly because many men do not fully realize the opportunities that the Internet provides to the modern man in the street today.

Modernity has already arrived, and American men today do not have to suffer compatriot relationships. If for some reason, you are not satisfied with women from America, then you can always explore new horizons of human relationships and go in search of a bride on the opposite side of the ocean.

The fact is that many men are tired of constant meetings with women looking for marriage. If you also just want to meet your love and are tired of the constantly spoiled mood from conflicting girlfriends, then it’s time to try a Bulgarian single woman. The outstanding moral qualities of women from Bulgaria, combined with extremely effective external data, have given them the reputation of women looking for love. The most pleasant news is that today everyone can try their hand at dealing with Bulgarian mail order brides.


How to Find a Bulgarian Wife?

In the context of the tendency of victorious globalization, today, it is not a problem to get to know one of the Bulgarian women for marriage. If you are interested in dating a Bulgarian woman, you can always try to find a partner using one of the international dating websites. Girls in Bulgaria often register on such services out of pure interest and are always happy to consider American candidates. It is also worth noting that a good way to get a bride from Bulgaria would be to seek help from professional specialists from marriage agencies.

Are Bulgarian Girls Easy?

If we talk about the most outstanding characteristics of a Bulgarian woman, then, first of all, I would like to note their temperament. There is nothing surprising in the fact that local hot Europeans served as a prototype for the type of fatal beauties in many monumental novels of the middle of the last century. Bulgarian women are changeable like the weather, like the wind. Today they can be affectionate and passionate, tomorrow they can be impetuous and ferocious. Many men idolize Bulgarian brides for their many virtues, but no one will ever say that relations with local girls can be called serene and calm.

Can I Marry a Bulgarian Girl?

In order to marry a young and charming Bulgarian bride, you will have to collect all the necessary paperwork, pay the dues, and make sure that your bride is of the minimum age. The minimum age for marriage in Bulgaria is equal to the age of eighteen years, all cases of earlier marriages are considered by the court on an individual basis. All available information can be found on the website of the United States Embassy in Bulgaria. In order to resolve all documentation issues, you can try hiring a local lawyer or contact one of them for free advice.

How Loyal Are Bulgarian Wives?

Bulgarian brides are known for their unparalleled loyalty. Despite the absurd temperament, experts agree that wives from Bulgaria are almost physiologically incapable of cheating. The fact is that local girls are sickened by the very idea of ​​a secret betrayal behind their backs. The wives from Bulgaria are used to sorting things out brightly, loudly, and most openly. That is, any of the local women would rather violently and emotionally express everything in your face and break off relations than secretly meet with someone behind your back. Bulgarian women can be blamed for many vices, but betrayal and meanness are definitely not among them.

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