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Even being in a fairly long relationship, a person begins to wonder if a partner corresponds to the ideal image of a woman that he would like to see next to him. A man starts to think of looking for a wife with a similar outlook. Think about whether you need to waste your time on futile attempts to create a strong couple with a person who does not match your ideal. If you’re not the type to spend your life in easy casual relationships, then remember a few secrets on how to find the perfect wife. My name is Trisha Harp, and I’m a popular marriage expert. Today, I’ve prepared my in-depth research on the subject – How to Find a Wife.

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How Can I Find a Wife Online?

Dating Sites & Apps

Currently, the dating app segment is huge for finding a wife. Nevertheless, it is recommended to pay attention only to popular and trusted sources since they have more users. This indicates that the choice of getting a suitable partner is higher. As a rule, dating applications work due to a specific principle: the algorithm suggests candidates who meet your needs nearby. You may only select those who you like most. However, you can only start a conversation if you and your virtual friend like each other (as is practiced in many applications to get a wife).


  • The system selects at least unsympathetic ones. The candidates are close to you. So, make an appointment just to find a new wife!
  • Relationships are established for one night, several nights, and sometimes even for years. It all depends on your preferences and goals. Finding a good wife on the dating apps and sites is a guarantee of your strategic purpose of using such online sources.
  • You may select partners of both sexes.
  • As your smartphone is always at hand, you can establish your personal life on the job by finding a good wife.
How to Find a Wife


  • You choose a book by its cover but anything can be hidden under it. You risk weeding out an ugly but interesting person.
  • If you don’t like a lot of people on the streets, don’t be naive to think that the app only has gorgeous candidates and candidates for the role of a good woman to marry.
  • Be prepared to receive private photos of other people’s genitals and obscene offers (this is also possible).
  • Both men and women willingly offer quick sex and act cheekily in correspondence. But many merge if the girl agrees to bed adventures without long preludes. This may not be the best way to find a woman to marry.
  • Some applications are suitable only for large cities without considering provincial areas.


This is a popular and easy-to-use dating app and one of the easier ways to find a wife. The algorithm offers photos of people who match your needs and are close to you. You swipe them with your finger to the left if the candidate is so-so, and to the right, if the person interests you. If the pair-matched, you can start chatting. Then, everything depends on you.


The application for different types of dating is obviously designed to find a wife online for comfort and happy family life. Everything is done on the condition of relative anonymity: there’s no need to specify your phone number, email or log in through any social networks. An avatar along with location are only required.

You have an hour to find someone suitable and arrange a meeting with. Within an hour, the correspondence will be automatically deleted. For men, the application is paid which allows them to cut off people with frivolous intentions.

The major benefit of this application is that every user knows what to look for. So, you can do without boring correspondence. Although some users of the application may bore you with conversations and then disappear and your time will be wasted. Carefully look at the partner if you want to find a foreign wife.

Pure Dating Site Overview
Step Description Tips Resources
1 ? Educate yourself about online dating Research different dating platforms Online articles and forums
2 ? Choose a reputable online dating platform Consider user reviews and success stories Comparison websites
3 ? Create an attractive and honest profile Highlight your interests and positive qualities Profile creation guides
4 ? Search for potential matches based on your preferences Use advanced search filters for better results Matchmaking algorithms
5 ✉️ Initiate conversations and get to know people Ask open-ended questions to spark meaningful conversations Conversation starters
6 ? Move to phone or video calls for a deeper connection Ensure privacy and safety during communication Secure communication apps
7 ? Arrange safe and public meet-ups with compatible individuals Choose a familiar and public location for the first meeting Safe dating tips
8 ? When ready, consider taking the relationship to the next level Discuss long-term goals and compatibility Relationship advice
9 ? Celebrate finding your partner online! Share your success story with others Online communities and testimonials

What Are the Best Places to Find Foreign Wives?

Now it is difficult to find a person who does not have a personal page in at least one virtual network. Most of them actually live there. If you pay attention, many girls are constantly taking pictures just to post the most successful pictures on Instagram. It’s time to win the heart of the future wife in the vastness of Internet chats with the mail order bride search function. This is not surprising, considering how many advantages this kind of serious acquaintance with the opposite sex has. Anyway, dating sites, social networks, and marriage portals remain the best place to find a wife on the Internet.

Here are some of the benefits of registering on dating sites like EliteSingles, eHarmony, or OkCupid, for e.g.:

  • You can filter only profiles of girls whose goals match yours. So you save a lot of time in the process of communication. All major sites are carefully monitored to ensure that there are no fakes and “fraudsters”. Of course, there are still many of them but nevertheless, less than in social networks. There are fewer super processed photos on dating sites that have undergone a huge number of filters.
  • Many ladies like to post pictures there. This makes it much easier to choose a girl. On Instagram, you still need to look for such a luxury. On such resources, potential wives often write themselves and do not see anything shameful in this.
  • On a social network, it is far from always clear whether the girl is in the mood to meet or not. Still, it is already clear that the lady did not come to play. The simplicity and ease of virtual communication is a bonus. If you have problems with starting a dialogue in real life, feel free to switch to the mode of such acquaintances.

The precautions are the same as in the case of social networks:

  • never pay for anything or transfer money to suspicious and unknown cards even if the pretext seems innocent;
  • do not click on extraneous links from unverified sources;
  • be prepared for an abundance of individuals.

If you are really interested in the question of where to find a wife, then all these points will add up in your head by themselves. By the way, do not forget to make your profile as informative as possible. Fill in all the fields to immediately narrow the circle of interested ladies. Candidates for a wife set for a serious relationship also want to be sure that they are communicating with a real person.

What Do You Need to Find a Good Wife?

How to find a decent woman to create a family? This is the most important question in the life of every man. We often hear stories about female infidelity, and we ask ourselves the question “What do you need to get such a decent woman?”. Today, we will try to convey the basic principles by which you can find a decent woman to start a family. The first thing to start with is to understand why marriage is needed and whether it is needed at all. To do this, it is enough to determine what pros and cons we will get in marriage. It is necessary to identify differences instead of similarities.


In marriage, a man gets an unlimited subscription to sex. Note that it is the man who receives the sex but not a woman or the couple itself. This is due to the fact that a man is more interested in sex than a woman. If someone has a conflict, then imagine two situations: in the first case, a man oofers sex to random women on the street, and in the second case, a woman offers to men. Obviously, in the second case, the probability of a favorable outcome tends to be 100% which cannot be said about the first situation.

It is always much more difficult for a man to get sex than for a woman due to the biological value of the available resource. A man invests very little in the birth of a child compared to a woman. For some reason, most people are not able to perceive this but the fact remains.

Our human essence perceives sex as a way to conceive a child and reproduce its genotype. This is what our genetic instinct is. That is, sex, from a biological point of view, is the process of conceiving a child. It is for these reasons that a man always wants with different and more often, and a woman is forced to choose one and rarely. This does not mean that women do not like to have sex. They enjoy this process like men. But for her, who she sleeps with is more important. All in all, her resource for creating a child is limited compared to the male resource.

find a wife


In order to somehow stimulate you, nature took care of the production of “hormones of pleasure” during sex and from its anticipation. Because of this always want sex. From a biological point of view, children are the meaning of existence. This is a deep program. When a woman does not have children, it often annoys her man. She feels certain inferiority. It’s like being a virgin at 20. Everything seems to be fine. But in fact, it leads to dissatisfaction.


In this case, the definition of the family will sound like this: “A family is the cohabitation of a man and a woman for the purpose of having a child.” It is the presence of children that creates the natural need for a man and woman to live together. When a woman is pregnant, she is unable to work effectively and get food. For this, she needs help from someone who is “imprisoned”, that is, from a man. A woman bears and raises children and a man provides the possibility of this process. Without a family, women were not able to survive which means that the implementation of the reproductive function was impossible for both men and women. Therefore, the family is a reliable way to create harmonious and complete relationships between a potential wife and her future husband.

Best Countries to Find a Wife


To legally marry a local Cambodian bride, an American man must be under 50 years of age and earn approximately 973,000 tenges per month. As practice shows, you can go to a neighboring country (for example, Thailand) and get married there officially. According to tradition, the husband must pay a “ransom” for the bride from 1,000 to 20,000 dollars. Apart from that, the family will need to send financial assistance every month which is approximately $ 100-300.


Indonesia is not only a beautiful sunny country with colorful landscapes and sandy beaches. In Indonesia, patriarchal traditions have been preserved in which the man is still the head of the family. Since girls are considered a burden on the family, their relatives try to marry them as soon as possible and preferably to a foreign groom. In fact, a foreign groom will not even have to help the bride’s family financially or spiritually. It will be enough just to take her home.


Vietnam is similar to Cambodia in many ways: it also has a large number of sex workers and a high percentage of the poor population, especially women. In Vietnam, there is a practice of marriages for money. Note that men from other countries pay about 3200 dollars and get a bride in return. However, they may not meet with the girl until the day of the wedding.


The Philippines is another top country where you can find the best wife. Often, the Philippines is associated with a popular destination for tourists who want to find a mistress for one night. Considering that a night of love will cost you only 20 dollars. As you already understood, countries with a large percentage of prostitutes are surprisingly well suited for finding a wife.

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