Punjabi Brides – A Guide on Punjabi Wives in 2024

Beautiful and fun, Punjabi girls seem to combine all the best traits of all women in India. Punjabi women are strong but with a gentle heart. They know how to be in control but also very emotional.

To be clear, Punjabi is an ethnical group that lives in India and Pakistan. In this article, we’ll talk about Indian ladies from the state of Punjab.

Popular cities with Punjabi girlsLudhiana, Amritsar, Abohar, Batala
Average brides age22
Marriage success rate99% (India)
Divorce rate1% (India)

Punjabi Women: What Sets Them Apart From Other Girls?

All Indian girls have something in common, but Punjabi ladies have unique traits that make them very special. Here are some of the interesting characteristics of Punjabi woman you might be interested to know about.

They Are Well-Known Foodies

These girls have very special relationships with food. They know how to enjoy food, and they know how to cook the most mouth-watering dishes you’ve ever tried. When on a date with a Punjabi girl, let her choose a restaurant. You won’t regret it!

Punjabi Girls Are Emotional

If there are women who wear hearts on their sleeves, it’s them. They are excitable, cheerful, and very expressive. They will never hide how they feel and expect the same from you.

They Are Laid-Back and Open-Minded

Whatever you do, whoever you are, these beautiful Punjabi women won’t judge you. If you are kind and honest, they’ll accept you with arms wide open. You really won’t have to try hard to please a Punjabi bride.

Punjabi Girls Are Effortlessly Charming

They always look great. It’s all about the combination of good genes and nice disposition. For these women, being beautiful is easy. They look pretty in whatever they wear and whether they use makeup or not.

Punjabi Women

They Are Honest

Be prepared for the fact that Punjabi girlfriends speak exactly what’s on their mind. They won’t beat around the bush and won’t sweeten it for you. It’s true that they never try to be harsh or unpleasant, but they will always be as straightforward as possible.

They Are Extremely Sociable

There’s simply no such thing as feeling lonely with a local woman. Punjabi girls are kind-hearted and friendly and feel great in a large company of friends and close ones. A Punjabi girl will be a perfect party partner.

Places to Find a Punjabi Bride

Now that you know how special these ladies are, you probably want to meet them as soon as possible. What is the best place to meet Punjabi women? The options aren’t that many:

  • You can try finding Punjabi wife online
  • You can go straight to Punjab, India to meet them face to face
  • You can try to find Punjabi wives locally

Find Punjabi Woman Online

Searching for a gorgeous Punjabi lady for dating and marriage online is one of the simplest methods to meet local women. International dating websites attract Punjabi singles from all over the world and bring them together around a similar goal. They hope to find love and meet new beautiful people locally or globally. It’s usually simpler to start a conversation if you both know you’re single, lonely, and have similar goals. This is why online dating services are becoming increasingly popular. Use a Punjabi wife finder online, and you’ll see how efficient and easy it is.

Offline Places to Find Punjabi Wife

But if you are adventurous enough to travel straight to India to meet your love, you’ll find that Punjab has a lot to offer. Here are some of the places you might want to visit looking for that special lady.


This city is the spiritual center of Sikhism, with a population of around 12 million. Here there are narrow streets and bazaars with traders. Narrow streets from the 17th and 18th centuries give Amritsar a special flair.

Amritsar can rightly be called the heart of Punjab. The place near the Pakistani border is a trading center and university town and is home to one of the highest shrines of the Sikhs.

Places to see: The Golden Temple, Bharawan Da Dhaba restaurant, Kanha Sweets cafe.

Punjabi wife


This is the former capital of the state of Punjab, one of the oldest places in the country, and a sprawling city that has a lot to offer. Whether you are after cultural sites, beautiful architecture, or bustling nightlife, you’ll find it all here.

Places to see: Rangla Punjab, Devi Talab Mandir temple, Wonderland Theme Park.

How Much Does It Cost to Meet Punjabi Mail Order Bride?

Before going anywhere, especially to a distant and culturally different destination like India, you’ll want to know how much money you’ll have to spend. Below is our approximate estimation of the things you should include in your budget and the average price tags on them.

Accommodation$28 per day
Food & Drinks$14 per day
Entertainment$9 per day

Punjabi Brides as Punjabi Wives: Pros and Cons

There’s no doubt that as soon as you get some experience in dating Punjabi woman, you’ll think these women looking for American men are perfect. And while in certain respects, they definitely are, there’s nothing perfect under the moon.

Here are some pros and cons of marrying Punjabi woman.


  • They are incredibly cheerful and life-loving. You are going to enjoy every minute spent with your Punjabi partner. Get ready to learn everything about Punjabi music and songs!
  • Punjabi brides love food. You will never go hungry (and it’s likely your Punjabi mail order wife will make you forget about dieting).
  • They are kind and generous. These women have hearts of gold. They will always help you and support you and be there for you no matter what.


  • Cultural differences. If you marry a Punjabi bride from Sikh culture, be prepared for some difficulties. Punjabi bride are very strict about their religion, and unless you belong to it, you might be in for a challenge.
  • The language barrier might be a problem. There are several languages spoken in Punjab, including Panjabi, Urdu, Majhi, Dhabi, and Malwai. Some people here do speak English, but there are not a lot of them.
meet Punjabi women

Punjabi Wedding Traditions

A wedding in Punjab is famous for its splendor and opulence. One can’t even imagine it without the traditional folk dances and merriment. Punjabis are a people with generous hearts, they adore festivals and love glitz and glamor, which is vividly reflected in the wedding celebrations. Like all other weddings in India, Punjabi marriage ceremonies strictly follow ancient wedding traditions.

The bride’s wedding attire is a sari or lehenga (lehenga choli) with a chunni in the traditional red, sometimes orange or purple color. The groom is dressed in a long camisole, called an achkan, with narrow churidar pants. The sehra, long garlands of flowers and strings of beads covering the face, hang from the turban, called pagdi (pagri). The bride and groom wear beaded shoes called juti. The wedding clothes the bride and groom wear are traditionally given to them by their maternal relatives.


No wedding in Punjab would be complete without an engagement ceremony. The bride wears a heavily decorated dupatta shawl called chunni. This piece of ceremonial garment is highly treasured in every Punjabi family and is passed from mother to daughter for generations.

The bride also receives special jewelry and her female relatives help her wear it. They also apply some Mehdi to the bride’s hands as a sign of good luck. After this, the bride and the groom exchange rings which seals the ceremony. To congratulate the newly engaged couple, guests give them sweets.

Wedding Rituals

Punjabi wedding traditions are very diverse and complex and include various rituals before and after the wedding ceremony. There are specific rituals to be performed in the bride’s house, and there are others they perform in the groom’s house.

The concluding ceremony of a Punjabi wedding is Vadai (Vidai). The bride, on her way to her husband’s house, throws back a handful of rice (muri) so that good fortune and prosperity will not leave her parents’ home. A decorated palanquin or car takes the bride to her husband’s house accompanied by her brothers, while her in-laws shower the procession with coins and flowers.

The Punjabi mail order bride arriving at her husband’s house is invited by her mother-in-law by placing mustard oil on either side of the entrance to the house. On stepping over the threshold of the house, the bridegroom’s parents welcome her as their daughter.

The day after the wedding, the young couple heads to the home of the bride’s parents, where they are once again presented with gifts and delicious sweets.

Review the video to learn more about local women dating:

Wedding Costs

Here’s an approximate estimation of what a wedding in India might cost you

Catering$7.5-12.5 per plate
Photo/Video$630 per day
Accommodation$13 per room

Author’s Conclusion About Punjabi Women

A typical Punjabi wife from Punjab is one of the kindest, prettiest, and most fun spouses you can find. They can easily make you the happiest man. Just be sure to learn as much as possible about your future bride’s cultural background.

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