The Best Guide To Norwegian Single Women

International dating is becoming more popular since we have more opportunities to travel and communicate online. That’s why men are interested in single Norwegian women. These women are extremely beautiful and attractive, yet they have family values and are more independent than other women.

But what makes Norwegian single women so attractive, apart from their natural beauty and femininity? This article focuses on describing Norwegian women. You will learn more about the dating culture in Norway and what to do to attract Norwegian girls as a foreigner. 

?Best Cities to Meet Single Women:Oslo, Bergen, Stavanger, and Trondheim.
?Average Number Of Singles:Around 1.4 million. 
?Average Singles Age:Around 28-36 years old. 
?Best Dating Site/App:Bumble, Tinder.
Norwegian Single Women

Who Are Norwegian Singles?

Most people know that single Norwegian girls typically have light hair and light eyes. That’s truly the case, and the statistics claim that around 60% of people in Norway have light hair! No wonder so many men from abroad are attracted to these beauties. It’s rare to have light hair and eyes. Thus, more people find these traits attractive.

However, physical appearance is not the only thing that attracts men to single Norwegian ladies. If you want to date Norwegian girls, you should learn more about them. Here are a few most important characteristics of these beauties:

  • Self-sufficiency and independence.
  • Family values.
  • Reserved yet hot nature.
  • Loyalty.
  • A desire for equality.

Now let’s dive into the details of these characteristics of Norwegian singles.

Self-Sufficiency And Independence

When you meet Norwegian singles, you realize they are among the most powerful and self-sufficient women you will ever encounter. Most Norwegian women don’t spend their days waiting for the ideal man to make their lives better. They are always thinking about serious relationships, but they also know how to be successful when single. The majority of Norwegian women have good careers and are satisfied with their lives.

Contrary to common assumption, Norwegian women’s power does not make them unfriendly or condescending to men. When they meet the guy they want to date, they want to establish an equal relationship. This implies you will gain an equal partner and not someone to care for or support financially. 

Family Values

Despite their independence and career focus, single women in Norway aspire to find men to marry and have children. They grew raised in healthy households where mom and dad had equal responsibilities in the family dynamic, and that’s what they want for their own families. 

A typical Norwegian wife enjoys housekeeping and cooking for the entire family, but she also expects her husband to share the burden, mainly if she works full-time. However, caring for her spouse is a pleasure for a Norwegian girl. Therefore she rarely says no to traditional tasks.

Meet Norwegian Singles

Reserved Yet Hot Nature

Norwegian women are considered to be cold and hard to get. However, this is not true. True, it takes time for a Norwegian woman to fall in love with a guy, but if she sees that you are serious and someone she can envision herself spending her life with, she will shower you with all her love and passion. 

When meeting Norwegian singles, they are reserved because they don’t like trusting strangers. Norwegian females are mostly seeking romantic relationships, not hookup options. Thus, they are wary of foreigners and men who don’t have serious intentions. 

She’ll gladly listen, provide counsel, and share your joys and sorrows, but only if you’re prepared to return the same treatment. The good news is that if you win the heart of a Norwegian girl, she will become the most loyal lover and wife. 


One of the best things when you meet Norwegian women and find a girlfriend is their loyalty. It’s common for people from Scandinavian countries to form relationships that last nearly forever. Norwegian women make friends for life. They have the same attitude towards romantic relationships.

Norwegian girls do date for fun, but they prefer to “let in” only the best people. If you win the trust of a Norwegian woman, you will gain the most loyal and supportive partner. Typically, romantic relationships in Norway begin as friendship and then grow into something more romantic. Years later, couples still love and respect each other since they are equal and loyal partners. 

A Desire For Equality

A typical single Norwegian female has a great education and a successful career. She is self-sufficient, intelligent, and earns a living. Thus, why would she be submissive? Exactly! Norwegian women prefer equality.

Their slogan is equality and fair treatment. As a result, even in marriage, the ordinary Norwegian lady doesn’t expect to be dominated by a man. However, she definitely does not treat her man as below her or inferior. 

Norwegian women are regarded as being self-sufficient. They earn a fair livelihood since they have equal chances as men, which means they don’t have to rely on anybody. Norwegian women are hardworking and dedicated to their jobs. Nonetheless, they do not disregard their family obligations. They like their jobs but don’t make their careers the center of their attention. Luckily, they have opportunities to be mothers and keep their careers.

being single in Norway

What Norwegian Single Women Looking For In A Foreign Man? 

Typically, meet women in Norway are ambitious, have high self-esteem, and know what they want. The same goes for their relationships, not to mention their marriage prospects. A typical single Norwegian woman would never date a random guy to avoid loneliness. These women are in no hurry to get married and need a special type of man by their side. Most importantly, potential partners for Norwegian women must be friendly and respectful. You must be open about your past. If you dislike talking about former relationships, then don’t. However, don’t lie about your experiences, and try to avoid making things up, so you look better.

When you meet Norwegian girls, you may be surprised that they always work on improving themselves. However, they expect the same from men they date. You must actively work towards a better future. Norwegian women like men who are not afraid of change and actively promote it. Most importantly, if you want to date Norwegian women, you have to treat women as equals and show it with how you treat them.

Norway Dating Culture

Typically, being single in Norway isn’t a sin, like in some other countries. People in Norway tend to get married when they are older and established in life. The average age of a single woman in Norway ranges from 28 to 36 years old. However, most people in Norway believe in family values.

Places To Find A Norwegian Single Woman 

If you desire to find singles in Norway, consider using dating apps or traveling to the said country. The good news is that you have many other options. Let’s check the details of each method. 


If you want to date Norwegian girls, the easiest option is to use online dating apps. There are plenty of terrific websites and apps to use that suit your purpose and ideals. If you can’t travel to Norway, here are the apps you may use to find a long-term partner:

  • Bumble.
  • Happn.
  • Hinge.
  • International Cupid.
  • Match.
  • eHarmony.

If you can travel to Norway, you may use Tinder to meet single women online and in person on the same day. Just check the girls nearby! However, online apps are not the only online options you may use. Here are other ideas:

  • Use Instagram. There are many beautiful Norwegian women into foreigners, so you may leave a message and see if things happen.
  • Use forum sites like Reddit or alternatives to Personals ads. Many people create threads dedicated to international dating on forum sites. Check out some sites to see if you can find great options.

However, the most effective way to meet single girls from Norway is by using dating apps. You can use filters and compatibility tests to find the perfect partner.

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In Person 

The obvious option to meet single women from Norway is to travel. Consider visiting these cities:

  • Oslo. 
  • Bergen. 
  • Stavanger.
  • Trondheim.

However, you can meet Norwegian singles in USA if you check out local communities of immigrants. You may also ask friends if they know Norwegian women. 

Success Stories Of American Men And Norwegian Girls

  • Mark and Agnes. “I was always fascinated by how Norwegian women look and stand up for themselves. So I moved to Norway! That’s where I met my future wife, Agnes. We will celebrate our fifth anniversary this year.”
  • Damien and Urszula. “I have a co-worker who used a dating website to meet his current fiance. So I figured it couldn’t get any worse, so I created an account. I will never regret this decision since I met a woman from Norway who’s currently my girlfriend.”
  • Cody and Siv. “My friend met his wife from Mexico on a dating site. I decided to give it a try and registered on Bumble. I wasn’t planning to meet a foreign woman, but things happened, and I met Siv. Today, we both live in Norway, and I will never regret my decision to register on a dating site!”

Dating In Norway: Tips And Tricks

Author Conclusion 

The easiest way to find Norwegian women for serious relationships is to use dating apps. They are accessible and affordable. You may also travel to the country and use Tinder or similar apps to find a Norwegian woman near you. Hopefully, this guide is helpful for you, and you will understand more about the desires of Norwegian women.

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