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Updated on Oct 2022

If you have ever visited the Netherlands, you surely would have noticed the amazing women. There is little doubt that Dutch ladies are unique from other women. They have strength and honesty that is beautiful. They are also wonderful to stare at. The one thing that stands out with Dutch women is their incredible humor. They are always willing to laugh at themselves because they do not take themselves too seriously. This makes them incredibly humble and easy to be with. You should always feel good around Dutch wives.

There is fantastic news for international men who are looking for love. Dutch wives are super interested in meeting singles from the US and Europe. So if you are someone keen on being with a sexy woman from the Netherlands, you better keep reading to get all the best data. A female from this country should not only satisfy your desires but should also leave you smiling all week long. So without further ado, let’s get cracking.

The Appearance of Dutch Wives

There is never enough talk about how glamorous women from this region are. Dutch singles tick so many boxes. They are generally tall, slim, and have beautiful blue, green eyes. With their famous blonde hair and stunning fit bodies, men from all over go weak at their knees. But it is not only their unique looks that can win hearts; it’s their character and sensitivity. Men from America need a strong woman in their life, and Dutch women bring that to a relationship.

Many times gentlemen from Europe and the US want a tall blonde bombshell. That is what Dutch wives are. Wives from the Netherlands have it all. They take good care of their bodies which is brilliant for single men. They also care about their appearance, so they always dress beautifully. Dutch women looking for American men too, so it does not get any better than that. So for all those lonely men who have just been divorced and are losing hope, never give up. Wives from the Netherlands are eager to make you theirs.

So what makes women from this country turn so many men’s heads? It is their whole package. Dutch mail order brides have a natural gift of being sexy. It does not matter if they have just woken up in the morning; they always look appetizing. Wives from this country are as passionate as they come. This keeps men interested in them at all times. Further, in this article, we are going to discuss how to impress Dutch girls into falling in love.

Beautiful Dutch Women

Characteristics of Dutch Brides

When you desire a particular lady, it is a good idea to research her positive attributes. So the list below gives all the best characteristics of Dutch woman. Reading the list below should give you an insight into why so many single men desire to meet such brides.


This is a trait that most men wish more women have. When you spend time with a girl from the Netherlands, you are going to notice she never minces her words. Her Honesty is always straightforward and to the point. It leaves men in no doubt about where they stand.


Local wives are fantastic in relationships because of this trait. They never need a man to assist them or hold their hand every minute of the day. The beautiful Dutch women are strong with or without a partner. They do not demand a lot from their partner.


You should always have a great time laughing with your Dutch girl. Humor is important in the culture in the Netherlands, so expect your partner to make your ribs hurt through laughing so much. Dutch ladies keep you young at heart.


Another positive trait that men all across the planet admire about Dutch girlfriends. They never expect any handouts; they are always willing to work and play their part in a partnership. Once You meet Dutch women, you should always admire them for this.


Wives from the Netherlands believe loyalty is important, so men can rest assured divorce is not prevalent in their culture. A partner from this part of the world will give men assurances and leave them content.


Women from the Netherlands are ultra passionate; they love to express themselves with their partners. So if you are keen on being with a horned devil in the bedroom, a Dutch woman leaves you happy.


This is a characteristic that many men look for in a date. Fortunately, Dutch women for marriage are well educated. It can be possible to have lengthy conversations on a vast number of topics. This means there is no time for boredom.


Fitness and health play a big part in a girl’s life in the Netherlands. They love to cycle and eat all the right foods. Dutch mail order wives will always look their best mentally and physically. By being connected to such a bride, you should be fitter than ever, giving you a real zest for life.

Many gentlemen love the idea of being with brides from the country of the Netherlands. Now you can see why. The amount of positive traits is incredible. By marrying Dutch woman, you get a quality wife in so many departments. Your life will feel more complete than ever before.

meet Dutch women

Difference Between Dutch and American Women

If you want to compare women from the US and Dutch wives, there are lots of differences. We have broken down many differences in the list below. Take a look and see if you agree with our assessment:

  • The selfish attitude of American brides is different from a Dutch Girl and her generosity. In the US, it is normal for women to be self-centered and absorbed in themselves. In the Netherlands, it is the opposite.
  • Traditional values of a Dutch lady are a joy. Unfortunately, wives from America have lost this trait. They no longer return from work and prepare dinner for their husband. A Dutch bride is always eager to cook and please her partner.
  • A positive attitude is lacking among brides from America. They are pessimistic overall, leaving men drained. Brides from the region of the Netherlands optimistically look at things because they are women looking for love.
  • Laughter is the love of women from Amsterdam. They enjoy making fun of life and having a good time. At the same time, Brides from the US take themselves very seriously. A Dutch mail order wife will allow you to feel less stressed with life.
  • The honesty factor is missing in women from the States. They will not say what is on their mind. But Dutch women always will. It is far simpler to deal with a girl from the Netherlands because of their honesty. Unfortunately, American wives tend to lie to cover their faults.
  • Inner strength of the Dutch is something to admire. They will always get through difficult times. You compare this with US brides who like to complain when things are tricky. Being with a Dutch wife you will have a tight partnership which is strong.

Differences are part of life as all women are different. It is down to each man to decide which bride they would rather be with. We have laid out the traits of both wives, so you can choose what you admire. In our mind, it is clear who has more to give in a relationship.

Guide on Dating a Dutch Mail Order Bride

The fun starts when you start dating a Dutch single woman. Men can always get in Dutch brides good books by remembering our tips listed below. If you put in the work now, you will get your just rewards:

  • Have some humor. This will make all women from the Netherlands feel relaxed and comfortable. Make fun of situations; they will undoubtedly appreciate this big time.
  • Tell your date how you feel. Honesty is always the best policy, especially when dating Dutch woman. They take pride in being honest, so expect the same from their date.
  • Be independent. Strength is a trait Dutch wives look for in their partners. They will not have time for a moaner or cry baby. The girls in the Netherlands admire an independent individual who leads the way.
  • Be polite. This is always a must when dating wives from the Netherlands. They expect to be treated well with respect and manners. So by showing them manners, they will melt into your arms.
  • Take care of your looks. When finding Dutch wife, you will realize they want a man who looks healthy. They will always want to be with men who are fit and can last in the bedroom activities.

So by using the tips above, men can expect some excellent results. Dutch wives are worth all the effort as they bring a great time to a man’s life. These tips are not difficult to implement, but they will definitely bring success and possibly love.

What Is The Best Place to Meet a Dutch Wife?

We would always recommend searching through good dating establishments to locate great girls. Dutch wife finder brings lonely men fantastic results in a short time. There are plenty of chat rooms where it is easy to chat with horny brides looking for love. The vast choice makes websites an ideal place to find Dutch wife. What is brilliant about a dating platform are the features to connect with other clients.

Singles could always head on a plane to the Netherlands to find a partner, but that would be more difficult. Heading to bars in a foreign land can be daunting. The language may also be a challenge. But through online sites, clients can quickly and safely chat and have a good time with singles. It is super convenient as it can all take place from the comfort of your home. What more do you require?

Final Thoughts

When wanting a bride that will tick all the boxes, it is hard to beat Dutch girls. They offer so much in every department. They are kind, considerate, and look fantastic. Through all the dating platforms available, it will not take long to get hooked up with a wife from the Netherlands. By searching for a good woman from the Netherlands, you will have a great time dating online. They are fun and will leave you smiling.


Why Do Dutch Girls Stand Apart from Others?

Because of their looks and attitude to life. They are strong women but always honest with their thoughts. This is a rare thing in this day and age. Anytime you can get your hands on an honest partner, take it quickly with both hands. Dutch wives are fine diamonds that are worth lots.

How to Meet Ladies from the Netherlands?

The most straightforward route to being with a lady from the Netherlands is registering with a dating app. You will have the opportunity to meet lots of girls looking for a good time. By signing up with a reliable establishment, you get brilliant features and a high success rate.

How to Impress Dutсh Girls?

Make sure you never take yourself too seriously. They love to laugh, so humor them every chance you can. They admire foreign men, so if you're from the US, you are in a great position. Also, make sure you treat her with kindness and are polite in every interaction. This will steal her heart.

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