Slovenian Bride – What to Expect When You Marry a Slovenian Wife

Updated on Oct 2022

Slovenia is a small country that has gathered the best elements of the culture of its neighbors – Austria, Italy, and Hungary – and made them its own special culture. As for Slovenian women, they are friendly, peaceful, and very fond and proud of their country. In most cases, Slovenian ladies are very independent, serious, and hardworking.

However, they are rather restrained. The restraint of Slovenes is an obvious thing – it is customary to greet with a handshake; and public hugs and kisses are not accepted here at all. This should be done at home, not in public. Women in this country are beautiful, kind, and polite.

That is why Slovenian wives are in demand among men worldwide. One tip for those who want to conquer the heart of females from this country – they love flowers very much.

Slovenian Brides: What Are They Like?

Femmes in this country are attractive and kind. They have a typical Slavic appearance. Typically, they have light brown or blonde hair. Black-haired women can rarely be met. Let’s look at beautiful Slovenian women in more detail.

Facial Features, Skin, And Figures

As it was already mentioned, Slovenian girls have a typical Slavic appearance with light skin and fair or light brown hair color. As for the eye color, half of the Slovenian population has light eye color, while others have dark ones. A lot of Slovenian girls have an unusual low timbre of voice and sharp facial features. Still, they are good-looking. They have good hair and good figures, as a rule.

Slovenian Women as Wives: Things to Know

Every ethnicity has its traditions and customs. Slovenes are no exception. If you are searching for a Slovenian wife, you should know what the characteristics of Slovenian woman are. Will your beloved one become a good wife and loving mother? Let’s try to understand all these things before you start searching for a wife from Slovenia.

Slovenian Bride: Way of Life and Family Orientation

Slovenes have a calm, unhurried, and measured lifestyle that helps them do everything on time. Speaking of doing everything on time, Slovenes do not like being late and are very punctual (it does not matter if it is an informal meeting or an official event) – they arrive exactly at the appointed time.

Slovenes are hardworking and diligent in doing their work; you will rarely find hacks and lazy people among them. Nevertheless, many of them do not like to discuss work outside working hours, especially at the dinner table. They are always ready to help anyone.

In Slovenia, a woman will never allow anyone to pay for her. Here, sometimes even married couples pay separately. In this country, everyone is used to earning their own living, so housewives are not often met.

Family is very important for Slovenes. However, the age for marriage comes here quite late, and for childbirth, it comes even further. Of course, there are quite young couples, but there are not many of them. Most of the mothers are women over 30.

Slovenian wife

Dating a Slovenia Mail Order Bride: Main Tips

Men looking for Slovenian women for marriage have two ways to find them. The first way to meet girlfriends from this country is to go to Slovenia. However, this method is not the most convenient; besides, it does not guarantee 100% success. Another way is more popular among men worldwide. It implies registering on international dating sites that offer thousands of profiles of women looking for love. However, not all dating portals are credible and safe. To choose a reliable portal for meeting Slovenian mail order brides, follow these simple recommendations:

  • Study real users’ reviews to find out whether the portal is reliable and worth trying to find a Slovenian wife.
  • Choose the portals that have large databases of subscribers. In this way, you will increase your chances of a perfect Slovenian bride finding.
  • Dating features are also important. The more dating features an online dating portal has, the more exciting your staying on the site will be.
  • Safety is the most important criterion. Visit the official site of the chosen portal to find out what safety measures it provides. Safe portals verify new subscribers, encrypt the users’ data, and provide a block option to their clients.
  • It is not recommended to register on free dating portals to find Slovenian wife. Most of them are not safe and have a lot of fake profiles. It is better to register on the portals that offer both free and paid dating services. They are more reliable and take care of the users’ safety.
  • It is recommended to compare several dating platforms before you choose the one the most suitable for you. Compare what dating features the platforms offer, what safety measures they provide, and what prices for premium services they have.
  • Nowadays, a lot of people prefer dating on the move. If you want to date on the go with the help of your mobile device, choose the portals that offer mobile applications to their clients.

These are the main tips to use to choose a reliable dating portal and start finding Slovenian wife.

Slovenian Wife: Sign Up Procedure

As soon as the portal is chosen, you need to pass through the registration procedure to start dating Slovenian woman. The procedure of registration is usually simple and fast. However, only people who have reached the age of the majority can register on dating sites. Follow these simple steps to sign up on the dating portal:

  • Skip to the official site and find a registration form there.
  • Inscribe your personal details into the fields of the registration form. You need to indicate the following data: your name, age, gender, email, phone number, password, etc.
  • Provide information needed for a profile page creation. Do not forget to attach several nice photos to your profile page.
  • Click on the appropriate button to complete the registration.

Some dating platforms perform verification of new subscribers. Usually, email or phone verifications are performed. Verification helps activate your account and fights against fake accounts and scammers who may use them.

Online Dating: Cons and Pros

A lot of people nowadays choose online dating to find foreign partners from all parts of the globe. It has both advantages and disadvantages. The following table illustrates the pros and cons of online dating.

Online dating allows finding partners from all over the globe, Slovenian brides includedFake profiles
You do not need to leave your house to meet new peopleYou need to purchase a premium subscription to get access to all the site’s features
Dating sites offer plenty of cool features 
There are a lot of subscribers on dating sites 
The best way for shy people to make friends and acquaintances 

Though there are several disadvantages, the number of advantages outweighs them. Nowadays, online dating is the most convenient and popular way to meet singles from all parts of the globe, Slovenian brides included.

Marrying a Slovenian Woman: Things to Consider

You need to consider several things before marrying Slovenian woman. First of all, find everything out about the customs and traditions of Slovenia. You and your future Slovenian wife are people of different mentalities. Think about whether customs and the Slovenian way of life are acceptable to you. If yes, do not wait to register on a dating site to find a Slovenian mail order wife.

Slovenian Women

Ways to Conquer a Slovenian Bride

Men living in the USA may wonder whether Slovenian women looking for American men exist. The answer is yes. There are a lot of dating portals where you can find plenty of profiles of Slovenian girls. The following recommendations will be suitable for men trying to conquer a girl from this country:

  • Listen to her and support. It is very important for a woman to speak out, and if you are able to listen to her, support her, then you fulfill her two basic needs: to be the only one (interesting) and to be emotionally safe. Women often fall in love with those who can genuinely listen to them.
  • Every woman wants to be the only one – distinguish her from others: say compliments, open the door, and give a hand.
  • Sense of humor. This is a trait that most girls fall for. Of course, in one way or another, all men have this quality. But according to the girls, it is quite difficult to meet a partner who is able to subtle understand what a lady is laughing at and what exactly improves her mood.
  • Good manners and etiquette. Today not all men have good manners in their daily communication with women. Therefore, knowledge and use of the most elementary rules of etiquette and good manners will allow any man to conquer a Slovenian woman.

These are the main recommendations to follow to conquer a Slovenian single woman and start serious relationships with her.

Marrying a Slovenian Girl: Pros and Cons

The following table shows the pros and cons when marrying a Slovenian female:

Slovenian femmes are hardworkingDifference in mentalities
They are good mothers and wives 
Slovenian ladies are independent 
They are persistent 

If you are a Slovenian wife finder, study this table to weigh all the pros and cons and decide whether mail order wives from this country are suitable for you..


Are There a Lot of Single Women in Slovenia?

Slovenia is a small country. Girls get married at a late age here. So, there are a lot of lonely girls in this country. If you want to meet Slovenian singles, the best way to do this is to register on a dating platform.

Does Slovenia Have Mail Order Brides?

There are a lot of dating portals on the Net. They offer profiles of girls from different countries. If your dream is to meet Slovenian women, register on one of the dating portals to meet your love. There are a lot of girls from this country on dating sites.

Do Slovenian Women Want Marriage?

Slovenian femmes do not hurry to get married and have children. Most typically, women get married when they are 30 and more. Consider this fact before you start searching for your Slovenian love.

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