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Mongolian girls are unique in their way. Perhaps this is the most beautiful Asian race. They are rarely seen outside of Mongolia, due to their geographical and cultural isolation. Beauty acquired in harsh conditions is inherent in any Mongolian girl. As a legacy from the warriors of the Golden Horde, Mongolian women inherited a strong athletic physique. The constant cold softened them adding a bit of extra fat to their bodies. What is most interesting, is a Mongolian woman is hot and noticeably warmer than other women including American females.

Characteristics of Mongolian Woman


The most striking is the high and wide cheekbones of Mongolian brides. It goes especially well with their deep and sharp-cut eyes. Passing by a Mongolian bride with such pronounced features, it seems that you have landed on another planet. You won’t mind being alone with a gorgeous Mongolian mail bride.

It is believed that the eyes of the Mongolian mail order wife are some kind of evolutionary adaptation. More fat under the eyes and in the eyelids helps in the cold. This theory seems to be true because Mongolian mail order wives have these traits most pronounced. This is not to say that they all have narrow eyes. As a rule, all Mongolian ladies have deeper set eyes which leads to a very penetrating look. The corners of the eyes are sharp on both sides as if cut through.

The lips of a Mongolian lady are full. Against the background of white skin, they seem bright red even without makeup. The noses of local women are well built and fairly spaced. Their skin, the color of white porcelain, tans only when working outside and turns red in the cold. It is also quite remarkable that almost all Mongolian wives have the right snow-white smile. This is due to good genetics and high calcium content in their body. However, seeing such a smile will not happen immediately. In public, a Mongolian wife usually smiles modestly with her mouth closed.

Mongolian mail order wife

Body Type

To meet Mongolian girls means to get on stronger and more magnificent than all Asian races. Although among them are slim and elegant girls, most still boast of their attractive forms. A typical Mongolian single woman usually has an attractive body with somewhat short limbs. Because of this, you don’t often see tiny waists or flat bellies here. Despite all of the above, many Mongolian singles have an hourglass body shape.

If you are marrying Mongolian woman, then you will discover the softest and snow-white skin that you have ever seen in your life. We attribute this to the fact that the skin is almost always under clothing with a noticeable “layer” to keep warm.

However, under this softness hide the strong muscles of a typical Mongolian bride. The best way to describe this feeling is “steel wrapped in velvet”. But the most exciting thing is the warmth radiating from the soft skin of Mongolian mail brides.


The most notable trait is modesty. A Mongolian mail order bride dresses tastefully but slightly conservatively (even during the brief summer). In public, her gaze is usually directed downwards. When you first interact with her, she will be polite but somewhat shy. You can also immediately note the kindness and caring. A Mongolian woman treats a child very warmly which warms the soul.

Mongolian girls are shy, sweet, and timid. They are strong and capable. Their slightly “wild” character will be revealed to you after a more thorough acquaintance with them. As elsewhere, the biggest difference in temperament is observed between urban and rural women. Girls in Mongolia have a striking contrast.

Ulaanbaatar is the only modern metropolitan city. The rest of the country is sparsely populated and slightly different from what it was 1000 years ago. By finding Mongolian wife, you can find peace and family well-being.


You should be intrigued enough by now to try and find yourself one of these warm-blooded beauties. So here’s how things are. During our stay there, we met several types of local Mongolian brides. The vast majority of Mongols love their culture and country and show little interest in what lies beyond that. Do they dream of tropical beaches? They don’t care indeed! Local beauties love the cold.

Beautiful Mongolian women are almost not interested in “outsiders”. Trying to take care of them is far from an easy task. Even if she likes you, she will constantly worry about how her family will accept her. It is also unlikely that girls from this group speak any language other than their mother tongue They are devoted to their cultural values. There is also another category of girls who are interested in foreigners.

Usually, the reason for this is traveling to other countries. Maybe they are simply more curious than others. Yet, when interacting with them, it seemed to us that they were too quick to express their contempt for Mongolian men whom they call lazy alcoholics. They think that Mongolia is boring and stuck in the past. This is one of the good reasons why local ladies change the country by choosing a Mongolian wife finder.


If you are planning to start a family with a Mongolian woman, you may have serious logistical and cultural concerns. On the other hand, she will be happy to become a wife and mother as their culture encourages it. Mongolia is located on the territory of a frosty desert. You may fall in love with this place during a summer tour. But don’t be fooled too much as it’s a very difficult place to live. It is also quite costly to travel to and from Mongolia as their local economy is rather underdeveloped. So there are not many job options for foreigners.

Mongols are very nationalistic culturally and racially. Therefore, even if you live in Mongolia, you will always be considered an outsider. Still, some local people are attracted to a foreign culture. They will gladly move there, learn the local language and assimilate. But the best option is to find a nice Mongolian girl who doesn’t mind spending most of her life in your homeland. You will definitely have an epic family vacation in the steppe land of Mongolia!

Dating Mongolian Woman: Best Tips & Reasonable Recommendations

The main problem of many young people is maintaining a conversation with the girl they like. Due to its uncertainty and inexperience, the dialogue sooner or later comes to a standstill. Read the instructions on how to interest Mongolian mail order brides in communication.

Establish Connection

First of all, a girl from Mongolia must understand that she is the object of your adoration. Look her straight in the eyes, flirt, and joke, and watch her reactions to jokes. Be open and sincere, get rid of internal clamps.

Feel Inner Harmony

When communicating with a lady, concentrate on inner feelings. When you are in harmony with yourself, then people will certainly read it and enter into an open dialogue. Harmony is manifested in an open posture, natural behavior, and voice. It is very important to feel cool and self-confident. A girl feels it from the very first minutes of your meeting.

Don’t Underestimate Your Importance

Presenting yourself from the best side does not mean lying. Any information about yourself can be told in a different way. Let’s say you work in a small company for low pay, drive a used car and rent an apartment. It’s better to describe yourself as follows: you work in a promising company with career growth, you bought exactly the car that you liked, and the rental property has a stylish interior and is close to your place of work.

marrying Mongolian woman

Show Sincerity

At the first meeting, young people in love are afraid to show offense or say that something is wrong. Do not be afraid to be sincere and correctly explain what you did not like from the partner. This will give your Asian girlfriend the opportunity to rethink her words and awaken her respect for you as a person.

Watch the Speech

Girls from Mongolia love well-coordinated and competent speech. When contacting a potential wife from Mongolia, do not attack her with questions so that she does not feel like she is being interrogated. Speak emotionally but not forcefully. To win the favor of such a difficult woman, you need to find the right approach to her. If she really hooked you up and you want to establish a constructive dialogue, then study it. Be sincere and take the initiative. Be honest with yourself and with her. After all, this is what the fair sex appreciates very much.

Mistakes When Communicating With an East Asian Beauty

Not everyone can become a guru in communicating with girls. But there are a number of blunders that can scare away most girls.

Don’t Test Her for the Role of Your Wife

If you are an avid bachelor and want to find a wife from Mongolia, then do not turn into a sort of boss-commander. Do not ask serious questions about children, marriage, domesticity, etc. at the first meetings. Such assertiveness can scare the girl away! Enjoy communication with a pleasant woman and try to be delicate with her.

Don’t Bring Up Male Topics on the First Date

You need to accurately know the range of her interests. Not all girls will be interested in talking about politics, football, and cars. Such topics create an awkward situation in which a lady may feel stupid and uninteresting.

Don’t Fear the Silence

The main thing is not to fill the void with stupid jokes or other nonsense. A woman is not confused by silent pauses but by the nervousness of a man. Be calm and do not convulsively invent a subject for discussion. If you don’t know how to continue the conversation, then sincerely say: “Listen, I’m so embarrassed! Because of shyness in front of you, I don’t know what to talk about.” Such a phrase touches most women unless she is interested in you as a man.

Marriage Legalization in Mongolia

If you are an American and planning to marry a Mongolian citizen, i.e. mail bride-in-law, you can register your marriage at the Civil Registry and Information Center in Ulaanbaatar. Also, you can register your marriage at the office of the governor of the province where you live.

There is no need to register your marriage with the US government. However, you may apply for a taxpayer identification number for your dependents in the future in case they cannot obtain a social security number. For information on taxpayer-identification numbers, you can visit the Internal Revenue Service website.


Why Mongolian Girls Choose Americans for Marriage?

Local girls are looking for a better life and gain some freedom by being in a relationship with the Americans. They respect foreign men and find them attractive. This is a good reason to find Mongolian wife these days.

Is It Possible to Marry a Minor Mongolian Bride By Court Decision?

Exclusively with the consent of the parents and a court decision, it is allowed to marry girls who have reached the age.

How Loyal are Mongolian Wives?

They are loyal as long as you are loyal to them. Women from Mongolia are mutual and expect the same from their partners.

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