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Updated on Jun 2023

If we take all the countries of the post-Soviet space, then one of the most successful can be called Estonia. Estonian women are not very different from Russian women in external data. However, the character traits of an Estonian woman are different. Estonian brides love a calm and measured life. They are used to doing everything at a moderate pace. The phlegmatism of the local Estonian bride even became the subject of many anecdotes and stories at one time.

Characteristics of Estonian Brides

Estonian girls in most cases are calm and balanced. For them, arrogance is not permissible. They love calmness and delicacy. Often the face of an Estonian girl is too serious. But this “mask” can be quickly removed with the right approach. One who plans marrying Estonian woman should know the traits of her character:

  • Estonian ladies are very sensitive to family matters. Everything that happens in the family stays there. It is not subject to discussion by outsiders.
  • An Estonian lady respects and takes care of her parents very much. She tries to keep good relations with her relatives and closest people.
  • Estonian mail order wives love men who can do everything and fix things that are broken in time.
  • Estonian wives prefer spending their free time in nature. Even a bouquet of wild flowers may please them.
  • An Estonian mail order wife is the best needlewoman and loves to be given handmade things.
  • Estonians feel and see if a person is not sincere with them. Meet Estonian women to persuade them in your sincerity.
  • An Estonian wife loves, appreciates, and observes national traditions very much.

Girls from Estonia may worry about what others think of them. Thus, they are often too critical of themselves and their self-esteem may be underestimated. They constantly think over their decisions and words. Because of this, they may seem slow but they have much less rash steps. Meeting a local lady for marriage is a good find for an Estonian wife finder.

The appearance

Anthropologically, Estonians are very different from representatives of the Finno-Ugric race. Their inherent long and narrow nose, quadrangular superciliary arches, and prominent zygomatic bones are especially pronounced. The appearance of women from Estonia is characterized by a smaller skull and a wider facial part. Most Estonians are over 170 centimeters tall and have a bit solid build. Their skin color is white. Their hair is light blond or light brown. Eye color is light, gray, or blue. You can find Estonian wife with deep bright eyes at one of the international marriage agencies.

Character Traits

Stubborn and vindictive but patient and mentally soft – such is the controversial Estonian mail order bride. Appearances are often deceiving. Often, behind the pretty appearance of a soft blond, a jealous and suspicious type of Estonian wife can hide. Often the Estonian single woman is determined, brave, honest, and resourceful in danger. But at the same time, Estonian singles are phlegmatic, slow, not averse to being lazy, and showing carelessness.

Estonian Mail Order Wives

Dating Estonian Mail Order Brides Tips

Show Your Best Sides

It is important that being next to you, Estonian women for marriage feel calm and comfortable. This will help them feel that you are confident in yourself and your feelings.

  • A confident man knows what he wants. This quality gives a woman the opportunity to understand that you have inner strength. This will give her the confidence that you can become a reliable supporter in difficult times.
  • Every Estonian wife wants her husband to be successful. A man who believes in himself does not shy away from difficulties and is ready to cope with them. If at this stage of your life you have not yet reached career heights, then it is time to start moving in this direction.
  • Show purposefulness and do not leave the intended route even if it turns out to be not as safe as you initially imagined. Achieving the goals that we set for ourselves sometimes depends on the attitude to our mistakes. We must not give up but learn from our mistakes and not be afraid of subsequent failures.
  • The ability of a man to manage his emotions is one of his virtues. A vulnerable young man who reacts sharply to criticism is hardly capable of inspiring respect. If you are sensitive and impulsive, try to restrain the manifestation of these qualities.
  • Always show an Estonian woman that you are determined to succeed. Act like you already have the prize in your pocket. Reassure yourself that everything will work out. Then the people around you will certainly believe in it.
  • Never beat yourself up for your shortcomings. Put higher dignity and personal achievements.
  • Take care of yourself, your appearance, physical form. Be neat, tidy, fit. Don’t be lazy to take care of yourself. A girl must understand that you are not looking for a nanny in her person who will be obliged to take care of you and protect you from life’s adversities.
  • Engage in self-development. Expand your horizons, pay attention to hobbies, try to be versatile. If you prefer a useful pastime, then the girl will definitely appreciate it.
Estonian women for marriage

Work on Yourself

Be friendly, cheerful, sociable and open, correct, polite, and gallant with a girl. Show warmth and tenderness. The main thing is to be yourself. This does not mean putting up with your shortcomings. They should be worked on and strive for positive changes. There’s no need to impersonate someone who you really are not to perform actions only in order to please the chosen one. If you show her only your positive qualities, she may decide that you are too perfect or deliberately hide flaws. In both cases, you won’t win.

Show Interest

Before you start dating a girl, you need to find out if she has any feelings for you. To do this, you can use the help of someone from her close circle. You can also find out information about her character, habits, interests, and more from her friends. Then it will be easier to understand how you match each other.

Marriage Traditions in Estonia

When a potential Estonian mail order wife grew up and became a beautiful maiden, matchmakers came to visit her. Their task was to persuade the girl to marry. Estonian matchmakers vying with each other praised and praised the groom, brought gifts to the girl’s relatives, and did not forget to give her gifts. If the girl accepted gifts, it means to be a wedding. Inspired by the good news, the matchmakers bowed and hurried to the groom’s house where they began to prepare the wedding after formal conversations with his relatives.

After the groom’s parents receive gifts from the bride, they discuss the date of the wedding and the venue. On the appointed day, the groom went for the bridegroom and brought her exactly to the beginning of the wedding ceremony. In some regions of Estonia, a bride changed her wedding dress three times a day while in other regions she wore a wreath or bandage on her head before marriage.

When moonlight began to pour over, the newlyweds went to the bedchamber where they were to share the marital bed for the first time. On the morning of a new day, a wife opens her cherished chest and distributed gifts to her husband’s relatives. They examine the chest, measured its dimensions, assessed the beauty of the carved patterns, and drew conclusions about what a rich, skillful, and generous bride is. This is how an Estonian wedding ended.

Marriage Legalization in Estonia

Estonia and the USA are parties to the Hague Apostille Convention. Accordingly, in order to authenticate (or “legalize”) a document issued by a US government agency for use in Estonia, you are obligated to obtain an “Apostille” from the state where the document was issued.

The US Embassy does not issue an apostille. In the United States, each state affixes an apostille to its documents. The marriage certificate must be certified by an apostille issued by a certain state. Each state has its own website explaining how to obtain an apostille in that state.

Most Beautiful Estonian Women

Estonian girls are known for their intelligence and restraint. They are usually well erudite and educated. The most beautiful Estonians today are:

  • Piret Jarvis – a singer and guitarist; a member of the Vanilla Ninja band. Before she chose the path of a singer, she also tried herself as an adviser to the Ministry of Economy, a TV presenter and co-manager on one of the TV shows. In 2005, according to the Estonian magazine, Piret became the sexiest Estonian woman. In 2011 and 2012 she hosted the Estonian Annual Pop Music Awards.
  • Lenna Kuurmaa – the vocalist of the group Vanilla Ninja, who continued to sing solo after the group broke up. She is also a songwriter and actress. As an actress, she opened up in the 2007 film Where Souls Go. Since 2008, she began to be invited to play in the theater. In 2010, she played an Estonian police investigator. She does not have a professional acting education, because she sees herself more as a singer.
  • Kelly Lumi – an Estonian model who has represented more than a dozen world brands including Sander, Nina Ritchie, Armani Prive, Chanel, Michael Kors, Christian Dior, etc.
  • Diana Arno – an Estonian designer, well-known in world circles. She began her career as a designer and an office worker in the advertising department.
  • Carmen Kass – an Estonian politician, model, and actress. In 2000, Vogue magazine recognized her as the most beautiful model in the country. For several years she represented the cosmetic brand Max Factor and starred for Victoria’s Secret lingerie catalog. Not only is she fond of chess but has also been elected as President of the Estonian Chess Union.
  • Madli Vilsar – an Estonian model; in 2011 she received the title of “Miss Estonia”.
  • Birgit Sarrap – an Estonian singer; in 2013 she was sent to the Eurovision Song Contest where she was in the 20th position in the final. She also became the first non-Italian woman to win the Palme d’Or at Birgat’s L’Olivo d’Oro competition.
  • Tiiu Kuik is a girl who was invited to the shows as a model by more than 40 world fashion designers including Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Chanel. Repeatedly she was the face of beauty magazines.
  • Carmen Pedaru – an Estonian top model who quickly reached the world level. Recently, she has been collaborating exclusively with the best brands and world designers. Such a woman was the face of fashion magazines. In 2011, she was invited to demonstrate lingerie from Victoria’s Secret.
  • Meena Suvari – a world-famous model and actress known in Hollywood. Her father is Estonian. The woman has been acting in films since 1995. She played in such famous films as American Beauty and American Pie. As an actress, she made her debut in a movie called “Nowhere”. As for her personal life, in 2018 she got married for the third time. The chosen one was her colleague Michael Hope.
  • Annette Griffel – a model from Estonia who was invited to represent such brands as DNKY, J. Stewart, Vera Wang.

Looking at these stunning beauties of North Europe, you would like to meet Estonian girls today.

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